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Create Previous Enrollment Records

Use the Mass Enroll SIMS School function to create previous enrollment records. This function is useful for summer transfer and summer graduate students, where an enrollment must be reported for the new year and the district needs to code the exit information, and for super districts where students transfer from one district to another and require a previous enrollment record in their new district.

After running the function, enrollment records are created for the student(s) selected and appear in the Previous Enrollments section of the Transfer Info page (ReEnrollments table).

To mass enroll students:

  1. On  the Start Page, select the student(s) who require a previous enrollment.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Group Functions > Mass Enroll SIMS School.
  3. Enter information into the required fields.
  4. Click Submit.  View the changes on the student(s) Edit Previous Enrollment pages.

Function Input




Different School

Choose the school for the previous enrollment.  Mandatory field.

Entry Date

Enter the entry date of the previous enrollment.

Exit DateEnter the exit date of the previous enrollment[ReEnrollments]ExitDate
Entry CodeChoose the entry code for the previous enrollment.[ReEnrollments]EntryCode
Exit CodeChoose the exit code for the previous enrollment.[ReEnrollments]ExitCode
Full-Time EquivalencyChoose the FTE value of the previous enrollment.  Mandatory field.[ReEnrollments]FTEID
Grade Level[ReEnrollments]Grade_Level

Choose the reason for reporting the enrollment.

Valid values:

  • 01 - District financially resp (Resident and Enrolled/Receiving Services)
  • 02 - District financially resp (Sending Private, Collaborative/out of state)
  • 03 - District not financially resp (Not Resident/Enrolled/Receiving Services)
DOE012Choose the student(s) enrollment status at the time of the previous enrollment.[S_MA_REN_X]EnrollStatusTimeOfCollection

Choose the student(s) reason for enrollment.

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