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DOE012 – Enrollment Status at Time of Data Collection

Choose the student's enrollment status at the time of data collection.

05Permanent Exclusion
09Reached Max Age
10Certificate of Attainment
11Completed grade 12 and district-approved program
20Transferred - In-state public
21Transferred - In-state private
22Transferred - Out-of-state (public or private)
23Transferred - Home-school
24Transferred - Adult Diploma program, leading to MA diploma
30Dropout - Enrolled in non-diploma granting adult education program
31Dropout - Entered Job Corps
32Dropout - Entered the military
33Dropout - Incarcerated, district not providing educational services
34Dropout - Left due to employment
35Dropout - Confirmed Dropout, plans unknown
36Dropout - Student status/location unknown
40Not enrolled but receiving special education services
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