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State Reporting Submission-Related Known Issues

Date Updated: May 19, 2021

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Upcoming Releases

  • IL Student Attendance Report v2 will be fixed to report In-Person Attendance.
  • IL Gifted and Accelerated Report will be updated to support Accelerated Placement from Courses and Sections level.
  • 2021-2022 ISBE changes will be implemented in Fall 2021.

Known Issues

When Using Concurrent Enrollment, Attendance Records Are Not Always Generated

Issue: Attendance records are not always generated when using the Concurrent Enrollment.

Workaround: If a district uses Concurrent Enrollment, for accurate attendance reporting on the Student Attendance Report, use the school start and end dates for the report parameters.

This issue does not impact Concurrent PDA or Home School enrollments.

Attendance Reporting

Remote Course Enrollment Impact on Attendance Reports

Analysis to understand how remote enrollment attendance is pulled on the Attendance Report V2 when the report is run from the Home School.

Tips for Troubleshooting Attendance Data on the IL Student Attendance Report V1 and Higher

Issue: When I run the report, the attendance fields all report 0.00 or the absent counts report 0.00.

Resolution: For each campus, map each attendance code to an IL Attendance Code. This must be done for all reportable codes. Codes that are not mapped will be excluded from reporting on the Student Attendance Report.

Resolution: If a student is enrolled in a school for more than a day but is not scheduled into any classes, there will be no meeting attendance. Schools need to determine if the student should be scheduled or if the student was a No Show and should have an Exit date that reflects that.

Resolution: Make sure the report is run for the correct Attendance Mode. If unsure, run the report using the default setting.

Issue: When I compare the results of the Student Attendance Report to the Core ADA/ADM Report for a specific student, the results are slightly off.

IMPORTANT: For students with a partial PDA, the attendance data reported on the IL Student Attendance Report in PowerSchool will not match what is visible on ISBE's attendance reports. All attendance counts on the IL Student Attendance Report will reflect full attendance counts. ISBE then applies the PDA value, resulting in the "true" attendance value. For example, if a student has a PDA = 0.50, the attendance counts that display on the ISBE reports will be half what is reported on the IL Student Attendance Report. To help districts audit their data, run the IL Student Attendance Audit report. This report will reflect the ISBE calculated value.

Resolution: On the Attendance Setup page, if the Presence Status is set to Present and the IL Attendance Mapping is set to EX - Excused Absent or UX – Unexcused Absent, the results will not match 100%. Determine how you want these codes to report to ISBE. For example, if a Field Trip code is to be counted as Present on the ADA/ADM, determine if the code should also be treated as Present for IL Student Attendance Report. Other codes to consider are Excused Tardy or Unexcused Tardy.

Resolution: Ensure the attendance conversions for how to manage students that are absent for part of a day have been defined.

Resolution: Check to see if a student has orphaned attendance for a class that was dropped.

Resolution: If a student is scheduled into classes days after their Enrollment Entry Date, meaning there is no meeting attendance for those days where there is no schedule, the student is still counted for attendance. Confirm the student’s Enrollment Entry Date is correct.

Resolution: Check the school calendar. If the school calendar has been extended with extra days, such as Snow Days, but the days are not yet scheduled AND the extra days fall after the student’s Exit Date, the attendance will not match 100%. When running the report prior to End of Year Rollover, determine how to manage the extra days (scheduled or not) and then adjust the student’s Exit Dates accordingly. To work around the issue, run the report with an effective date that aligns with the students’ Exit Date.

Resolution: In rare instances, there is a rounding issue. This is typically due to the precision being 3 decimal places.

Fixed Issues

When Using Concurrent Enrollment, the RCDTS Serving School Isn't Correct

Issue: Attendance records for Concurrent Enrollments incorrectly report the Home School as the RCDTS Serving School

Fix Version: SR_21.1.2.0

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