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Staff Setup



The following data elements are required for staff setup. The first three pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Staff > [Select Staff Member].

  1. On the Start Page, click Staff.
  2. Search for and select a staff member.
  3. Click Information.

Note: For more information on codes see the Appendix section.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table]Field Name


Used in these Reports

Edit Staff Information

Information > [staff member name]

Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the teacher’s name.

Note: Use the format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName





Max 40

Max 20

Max 20

Max 15

SRC Validation

IL Teacher Course Assignment


Enter the ID.


Max 20

IL Teacher Course Assignment


Enter the staff member’s date of birth.

Format: [M]M/[D]D/[YY]YY



IL Teacher Course Assignment

Exclude this Staff from State Reporting

Select the checkbox to exclude this staff from state reports.



IL Teacher Course Assignment

Legal Last Name

Enter the teacher’s legal last name only if different above.

Note: Special characters, other than spaces and hyphens, are not allowed.



IL Teacher Course Assignment

Legal First Name

Enter the teacher’s legal first name only if different than above.

Note: Special characters, other than spaces and hyphens, are not allowed.



IL Teacher Course Assignment

IL Education Identification Number (IEIN)

Enter the teacher’s IL Educator Identification Number.


Max 12

IL Teacher Course Assignment

Employer RCDTS

Enter the RCDTS of the teachers’ employer. A blank value in this field signifies that the district’s RCTDS is to be used.  District RCDTS is derived from school RCDTS by replacing the rightmost 4 digits with 0000. 

In the event that the District RCDTS does not end with 0000, the District RCDTS is to be entered is this Employer RCDTS field.   


Max 15

IL Teacher Course Assignment

Role of Professional

Choose the role of the teacher of the section from the pop-up menu.

Note: If this field is blank, the value 200 - Teacher extracts on reports.

See Role of Professional for valid values.



IL Teacher Course Assignment

Reason for Exit

Choose the reason the teacher exited the course from the pop-up menu.

This field is queried when there is no Reason for Exit supplied at the Section level.

See Reason for Exit for valid values.


Max 2

IL Teacher Course Assignment

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