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Mass Create Concurrent Enrollments


The  Mass Concurrent Enrollment function provides the ability to enroll multiple students at a serving school into a concurrent school. Just as with single concurrent enrollments, a concurrent enrollment that is created using the mass creation function appears on the student's Transfer Info > Transfer Information > Edit Concurrent Enrollment page.

At the concurrent school, each student's grade level is set to the same grade level as at the Serving School.

See also: Concurrent Enrollments - Searching and Reporting.


  1. On the Start Page, select the students to be concurrently enrolled.
  2. Click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  3. Click Group Functions. The Group Functions page appears.
  4. Under Enrollment, click Mass Concurrent Enrollment. The Mass Concurrent School Enrollment page appears.
FieldDescription[Table]FieldNameField LengthUsed in these reports
Concurrent SchoolSelect the school in which the students will be concurrently enrolled.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]SchoolID10Concurrent Enrollment Export
Entry DateEnter the students' date of entry into the concurrent school.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]EntryDate10Concurrent Enrollment Export
Entry CodeEnter the students' entry code at the concurrent school.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]EntryCode2Concurrent Enrollment Export
Entry CommentEnter any comments regarding the entry for these concurrent enrollments.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]EntryComment1000Concurrent Enrollment Export

Exit Date

If applicable, enter the exit date of the concurrent enrollments.

[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]ExitDate10Concurrent Enrollment Export
Full-Time Equivalency

Enter the percentage of each school day for which the students will be in attendance at the concurrent school.

A value less than or equal to one is reported as X.XX.

[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]FTE4Concurrent Enrollment Export
Membership ShareThe amount of the students' membership for this concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]MembershipShare4Concurrent Enrollment Export
RCDTS Serving School Number (Student Level)

If the students' serving school is in the district, select the serving school number.

If the students' serving school is an out-of-district school, enter the serving school  number in the field below the pop-up menu.

[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]RCDTS_Serving_School 15Concurrent Enrollment Export
Percent Day Attended (PDA) (formerly FTE)

Enter the percentage of each school day for which the students are in attendance for this concurrent enrollment.

[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]FTE4Concurrent Enrollment Export
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