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IL Birth to Three Caregiver report



Use the IL Birth to Three Caregiver report to submit caregiver data to the ISBE SIS. This report contains caregiver information of currently enrolled students in grade-level Pre-Kindergarten.

The report format is comma-delimited (CSV) with a .txt extension. If a student field is blank for a mandatory field, the field default value is used in the extract. If a student field is blank for an optional field, the field is blank on the extract.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. See selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

For the IL Caregiver Demographics Report, records for currently enrolled students in grade-level Pre-Kindergarten are selected and the age of the student is 0 to 3 years i.e. the student is less than 4 years as on Report End Date.

Student Selection

The report selects which student records to use based on the following criteria:

  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The enrollment for the student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The student is less than 4 years as on Report End Date.
  • Students with an exit date before an entry date will not be included in the report.
  • Students whose any one contact is selected as "Caregiver"

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.




Choose one of the following:

  • Multiple Schools – Includes all student records associated with multiple schools that meet selection criteria.
  • All Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.

The All Schools option is only available when running the report from the District Office.

Current Selection of Students

Choose one of the following:

The Selected Students Only – Includes only the selected students.

All Students – Includes all the students.

RCDTS Number (Override)

This is an optional field

Enter the unique identifier for the school or district.

Start Date

Select the report start date.

Format: MM/DD/YYYY

End Date

Select the report end date.

Format: MM/DD/YYYY

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report is described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

FieldField NameDescription[Table]FieldNameField TypeLengthRequired
1 State Student IDThe Student ID[Students]State_StudentnumberString9M
2 Local SAP IDLocal SAS ID[Students]Student_NumberString50O
3 Last NameLegal Last Name of the Student[Students]Legal_Last_name
[Students]Last Name
4 First NameLegal First Name of the student [Students]Legal_First_Name
[Students]First Name
5Date of Birth

Date of birth of the student

6RCDTS Home SchoolEnrollment RCDTS for Home School (Information from Demo/Enrollment file)[Students]RCDTS_Home_School
7RCDTS Serving SchoolEnrollment RCDTS for Serving School (Information from Demo/Enrollment file)[Students]RCDTS_Serving_School
8Caregiver's Relationship to ChildCaregiver's Relationship to Child[S_IL_STU_X]RelationshipTypeCodeSetIDString2M
9Caregiver SIDCaregiver SIDN/AString9O
10Caregiver First NameCaregiver First Name[Person]FirstNameString30O
11Caregiver Last NameCaregiver Last Name[Person]LastNameString30O
12Birth Date of CaregiverBirth Date of Caregiver[Person CoreFields]DateofBirthString10M
13Caregiver's RaceCaregiver's Race[Person]RaceString2M
14Educational Background of CaregiverEducational Background of Caregiver[Person]EducationLevelString2M
15Current Employment Status of CaregiverCurrent Employment Status of Caregiver[Person]EmploymentStatusString2M
16Result CodePublished Result CodeN/AString2N/A
17Result Message CodesPublished Result Message CodesN/AString200N/A
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