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Special Education Students Extract: Tested – Ineligible Student Reporting and FAQ



In the May 2013 state reporting update, the Special Education extract was updated in order to begin reporting students that were tested but found ineligible for Special Education. These students will pull into the extract based on different criteria than other Special Education students.

There are two fields in a student's special program record that will govern if, and when, the tested – ineligible student will be extracted:

Field Description


Tested – Ineligible for Special Education


Current CMDA Date


The "Tested – Ineligible" check box is the main flag that the extract looks for to pull these students. The CMDA Date governs which reporting period that particular "Tested – Ineligible" record pulls in.

The following Special Education extract elements are required for tested – ineligible students:

Special Education Extract Element














DaysLate (If 60DTLine is N)


LDRea (If 60DTLine is N)


ExRule (If 60DTLine is N and LDRea is SE)



This was always be N, if the tested – Ineligible check box is checked.


This was always be T, if the tested – Ineligible check box is checked.



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Do I need to enroll these students in a specific special program?

No, unlike regular Special Education students, tested – ineligible students can be enrolled into any special program. You can enroll them into an existing special program if you'd like, or a new special program can be set up for these students. If a new special program is set up, it can be named whatever your LEA wishes.

What special program entry and exit dates should I enter for these students?

You can enter any special program entry and exit date you'd like. You may decide to enter program start and end dates that reflect the full year or you can make their program entry date the same as their program exit date.

If I can enter any program entry and exit dates I want, how will the extract know what reporting period to pull the student?

The Special Education Students extract will pull the tested – ineligible student into whichever user defined reporting period that student's CMDA date falls within.

My LEA wants to keep track of these students throughout the year, but also keep them separate from our regular Special Education Students… How would I accomplish that?

In this case, a new special program should be set up for these tested – Ineligible students (the program can be named whatever you want) and their program entry and exit dates should reflect the full school year. Using this method, you can utilize Special Program Enrollment function (Start Page> Special Functions> Special Program Enrollment> Select the applicable program) to find these students throughout the school year.

What date do I enter in the "Current CMDA Date" field?

This field value should reflect the date the student was tested.

If these students are ineligible for Special Education, who do I enter as the Case Manager?

The Case Manager should reflect the staff member that administered the test to the student.

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