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Idaho Announcements

Date Updated: September 6, 2023

Current Updates

  • 23-24 ISEE Reporting Issues:

    • An escalation release is being planned (SR and is targeted for release on Friday, 10/13. This release will address the following issues:

      • The Staff Assignments report is not returning an assignment record for teachers with sections with only remote enrolled students.

      • Person Addresses report:

        • The zip code is not reporting correctly if the saved value contains a dash or hyphen.

        • The expected row is not being reported correctly if only a “Home” address exists (in PS).

        • The expected row is not being reported correctly if only a “Mailing” address exists (in PS).

      • The Open Enrollment report is returning multiple, duplicate records for each valid record in the database.

      • Note: Hosted districts will need to create an upgrade ticket with Hosting to have the update applied as soon as the release is made available.

      • See the Community article for more details.

  • The 2023-2024 School Year changes have been released.

    • Student Demographics - openEnrolled - New Element

      • The new openEnrolled element in the Student Demographics report will be collected via a new Student and ReEnrollment level field.

      • If the source field is blank, 'N' will be reported. Otherwise, the saved value will be returned.

    • Student Attendance - absenceReason - New Element

      • This new element will require the new Attendance Code Category mapping field to be populated for the Attendance Code Category that will represent Excused absences.

      • All absent codes that are excused must be set to the Attendance Code Category that is set to represent excused absences.

        • The logic for this element will be as follows:

          • If the student has 0 ADA value for a given day and all absence codes are excused, EA will be returned.

          • If the student has 0 ADA value for a given day and all absence codes are NOT excused, UA will be returned.

          • NA will be reported if the student attended a partial day, but not enough to qualify for any ADA (ADA = 0).

    • Open Enrollment Report - New

      • This report will be populated by new data collection at the school level.

    • Person Addresses Report - New

      • This report will be populated by the data in the existing student mailing and student home address fields.

    • Note: All 23-24 changes are added to the PowerSchool / ISEE Crosswalk spreadsheet.

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PowerSchool Updates/Reminders

Student Attendance - For ISEE Attendance reporting, make sure the Type field has the correct value in the school calendar.

  • Navigate to Start Page, District Setup, Calendar Membership Types page, and verify the Calendar Membership Type values are set up according to the values listed under Calendar Membership Type.

Calculate Section Level FTE Report

PowerSchool SIS Supported Versions: In August of 2022, the minimum supported version of PowerSchool will be 21.11.x. Districts on an earlier version will need to upgrade to supported versions.

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