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Setting Up a SFTP Connection


In order to successfully transmit report data to the Georgia DOE for processing, an SFTP connection to a state managed server must be defined within PowerSchool. Once the setup below is complete, school districts are able to upload the following reports for submission automatically:

  • A01 - System Level
  • A02 - System Level
  • B01 - School Level
  • C01 - Student Level
  • E01 - Student Safety
  • F01 - Enrollment Level
  • G01 - Special Education Level
  • K01 - Student Programs
  • P01 - Student Class

Importing a Digital Certificate 

Navigate to District Start Page> System> System Settings> Digital Certificate Management and locate the Import Digital Certificate section.

  1. From the Select an Option dropdown select I have a public and private key pair
  2. Enter a Key Pair Name
  3. Upload the public and private key from your local machine to Public Key and Private Key. Observe that the certificate now displays in the List of Certificates with Private Key section above as [Keys]CertificateName

Establishing an SFTP Connection

The SFTP Setup can be found by navigating to the following page in PowerSchool:

District Start Page> System> System Settings> Plugin Management Configuration> Remote Connection Manager> Remote Connection Manager> Create Connection

To define the necessary connection, populate the following fields:

NameEnter a name for this connection.Y
DescriptionEnter a description for this connection.N
ProtocolSelect SFTP from the dropdown.Y
HostEnter the IP of the state server.Y

Enter 22 as the port number for the connection.

Authentication Type

Select the authentication type from the drop-down list.

  • Private Key

Enter your district number as the username for the connection.

PasswordLeave it blankN
Confirm Password

Leave it blank

Note: Once the above fields have been populated, click Test Connection to verify that the connection is successful

Key Certificate Alias

Select the Key Certificate Alias from the drop down

Note: Does not display unless Authentication Type is set to Private Key

Finger PrintNot applicableN
Remote PathEnter the file path to store the filesY
Allow DownloadNot applicableN
Allow UploadSelect the Allow Upload checkbox to allow extracts to be uploaded from the PowerSchool serverY

Running Reports with SFTP

To run a report using the newly establish SFTP connection, navigate to the desired report and select the SFTP connection on the report input page. For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.

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