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Roster File 2022-23


The Roster File 2022 - 23 report extracts roster information about students from selected schools and grades. 

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report.

Student Selection

  • The student must be enrolled in the school chosen at report runtime. Students who are enrolled in multiple schools during the report period will have separate records for each school if the report is run district wide.
  • The student must have been enrolled on or before the current date.
  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Select Schools

If run at the district level, choose one of the following:

  • Select Multiple Schools – Select schools to include in the report. To select a single school, click that school. To select multiple schools, use Ctrl+Click and select each school to be included. Select schools to include in the report
  • All Schools – Run the report for the entire district.

If run at the school level, the report includes all records associated with the current school that meet the selection criteria. To change the current school, click School at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.

Current Selection Students

Run the report for the current selection of students or all students.

Report Start Date

Enter the start date of the report.

Note: Enter the date in a format of MM/DD/YYYY.

Report End Date

Enter the end date of the report.

Note: Enter the date in a format of MM/DD/YYYY.

Select Only Students in These Grades Select the grades from which you want to include students in the report.

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Report Output

Data Element





State Student IDThe State Student ID.[Students]State_IDY15
Student Last NameThe student's last name.[Students]Last_NameN35
Student First NameThe student's first name.[Students]First_NameN35
Teacher First NameThe teacher's first name[Teachers]First_NameN35
Teacher Last NameThe teacher's last name[Teachers]Last_NameN35
Teacher EmailThe teacher's email address[Teachers]EmailY50
Roster NameThe student group name[Students]Group_NameY50

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