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Staff Setup


To complete the tasks required for Staff Setup, you must have the permissions to work with school or district-level data. For further information, see Help > System Help > Sign In to PowerSchool.

To enter staff member information:

  • To add a new staff member, on the Start Page in the left panel, click New Staff Entry. The New Staff Member page appears.


  • To open an existing staff member page, click the Staff tab and search for the staff member.
    • If the Select A Staff Member page appears, choose a staff member from the list. The Staff page appears.

Note: The following information describes the setup required for Connecticut State Reporting. For information about general staff setup, see Help > System Help.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table]Field Name


Used in these Reports

Adding Staff Member Information

Staff > Information

Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the staff member's name.

Note: Use the format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName





Max 40

Max 20

Max 20

Max 15



Enter the staff member's locally assigned ID.


Max 20


Teacher Course Student (TCS)


Enter the Educator Identification Number (EIN) assigned to this staff member by the State of Connecticut. This field must be 10 characters or less.



Teacher Course Student (TCS)

Connecticut State Information

Title I Staff Member

Choose Yes from the pop-up menu if this staff member belongs to a designated Title I staffing category.

Note: This field must equal Yes to count the staff member as a Title I Staff Member on the CTED205 report.




Staff Employment

Select the employment code that best describes this staff member's current position in your school district.

See the Appendix for valid values.




Full-time Equivalent (FTE)

Enter the percentage of time the staff member performs federal program duties and is paid by the equivalent federal program.

Note: Enter the value as a percentage of a full-time work year for the regular term. For summer or intersession periods, enter a percentage of full-time work for the summer-school or intersession program. For example: enter 75 for 75% of the year.




Teacher Type

Choose the teacher type from the pop-up menu.

See the Appendix for valid values.



Teacher Course Student (TCS)

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