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British Columbia Reports in PowerSchool

PowerSchool for British Columbia provides a wide variety of province-specific reports. Click a report name for details about the report.

The report description table includes the following elements:

  • Report Name – Name of the report as seen in PowerSchool.
  • Description – The purpose of the report.
  • Due Date / Cycle – The timeframe during which the report is submitted to the state.

Report Name


Due Date / Cycle

BC SLDC 1701 Extract

Creates a fixed column text file to be sent to the ministry. The file contains student demographic data, program enrollments, and a count of courses enrolled. The data is submitted up to 4 times a year depending on the type of school. Each submission is performed as of a snapshot date set each year by the ministry.




Summer Learning

BC PEN Request Extract

Creates a fixed column text file to be sent to the ministry to request assignment of student personal education numbers (PENs) or to request validation of existing PENs.

The file returned by the ministry is imported using the BC PEN Import function.

As needed

BC PEN Import

Reads a fixed column text file containing PENs assigned by the ministry and updates student PENs in PowerSchool ([Students]State_StudentNumber).

As needed

BC TRAX Extract

Creates the Transcripts and Examinations (TRAX) extract files consisting of demographic information (.DEM file), provincially examinable course enrollments (.XAM file), and other course enrollments (.CRS file) for selected students. The TRAX extracts are created and uploaded to the Ministry's TRAX database. The extracts are produced and uploaded up to five times per year depending upon the type of school.






Eligible Student (ES) Audit Report

This report is for Independent Schools only. Creates a report that can be used for preparing the ES Audit form that is submitted to the Ministry for funding purposes. The report shows all students who have been enrolled at a school at any time between July 1st and May 15th of the following year. The report displays the students qualifying status and enrolled hours, including hours for excused and unexcused absences. The ES Audit form is prepared by an independent auditor and submitted to the Ministry any time after May 15th but must be received by the Ministry no later than June 15th. The user may select an option to create an additional copy of the report in MS Excel format to allow for easier data sorting, filtering and manipulation.


BC Class Size Extract

Creates a comma separated values (CSV) file that can be uploaded to the Ministry's EdAccess website to report class size information. When run for an individual school, a single CSV file will be output in zipped (.zip) format. When run at the District Office, the zip file will contain a CSV file for every school selected at runtime.


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