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Zone Condition and Status

Although the PowerSchool SIF Agent is designed to run unattended, the Console can provide a snapshot of the activity on each zone and alert you to errors that may require attention. In the Console's main window, general status information is provided through a condition icon (displayed with the district, school, or zone name) and a status message (displayed in the Status column).

Zone Condition Icons

One of four status icons may be displayed beside a zone name in the main window of the Agent console:





The zone is connected to both the PowerSchool database and the Zone Integration Server (ZIS) and is idle or active. No attention is required.


A warning condition has arisen that may require attention


An error condition has arisen that requires attention. The PowerSchool database is not available.


The zone is disconnected from the database or the Zone Integration Server (ZIS)

In the following screen capture, the

icon indicates that the zone is connected to the database and the ZIS.

Status Column Messages

In the Status column of the main console, a message about zone connectivity is displayed.

Status Column Message



The zone is connected to the Zone Integration Server (ZIS), but not processing messages at the moment.


The zone is in the process of connecting.


The zone has been manually disabled, or the zone has been temporarily disabled by some process, such as New Year Rollover.


The zone is disconnected from the Zone Integration Server.

Database unavailable

The database connection is not available.

Agent Sleeping

Indicates that the Zone > Control > Sleep command has been executed. "Sleep" mode informs the Zone Integration Server that the Agent is not accepting messages for the selected zone.


An asterisk beside any status message indicates that the zone is running in Pull mode.

In the following screen capture, the condition icon and status message indicate that the highlighted zone is connected and idle.

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