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If there is no need to change the StudentPersonal Race query, it does not need to be overridden and included in the directory.  If the file is not there, the SIF Agent will use the default of the agent.

File Names: queries\StudentPersonal.txt; queries\StudentPersonalRace.txt
Base Table Alias: s





This is a list of the schools that are part of the zone.


This is the School Year configured in the Agent Settings.


This is the student data filter configured in the Agent Settings.


This is the condition that is used by the SIF Agent to filter data based on the request.  This should always be included at the bottom of the query.

ORDER BY s.dcid

This is required for both queries.  This is used to match the StudentPersonal records with the Races from the second query.  If the ordering is not the same, then the races will not be published correctly.




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