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This category captures student grades and includes the following data views and resources:

Student Grades

This data view represents a detailed list of student grades successfully published to the ODS, and represents an overall score or assessment tied to a course over a period of time, for example, the grading period. The published view layout provides the School Name, Student Number, Student Name, State Identifier, Course Number, Course Name, Section Number, Term ID, Store Code Term, Letter Grade, Numeric Grade, Last Publish Date, Publishing ID, and Resource ID.


This educational entity represents an overall score or assessment tied to a course over a period of time. Student grades are usually a compilation of marks and other scores.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data

  • StoredGrades

Selection Criteria

Records are published if the following criteria are met:

  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The student’s school of enrollment must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The section must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The studentUniqueID must be populated in PowerSchool (Students.State_StudentNumber).
  • The course must have a valid state course code.
  • The Store Code for the grade must be either ‘Y1’ for a year grade, or must match a term record for the school where Stored Grades.StoreCode = Terms.
  • A letter grade or numeric grade must be populated for at least one grading period.

Resource Output

  • A grades record is published for each student, course section, and stored grades record based on year of the Term selected in the PowerSchool UI.

  • The grades resource includes the most recent grade per course, per grading period.
  • The grades resource is dependent on the prior publishing of Ed-Fi resources: students, gradingPeriods, and studentSectionAssociation.

  • LEAs and Schools may upload (publish) data to the Ed-Fi ODS manually through Publish All / Publish Missing or by scheduling a time to publish ("Schedule" button).

Note: Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Data Element


Data Type

Stored in Table.Field



A reference to the related gradingPeriods resource.



gradingPeriodDescriptor - The name of the period for which grades are reported.String

When StoredGrades.StoreCode = Y1:

Published Value = '1'





The school related to the grading period.Integer

Derived from:




The month, day, and year of the first day of the grading period.Date

When StoredGrades.StoreCode = Y1: The earliest value in Terms.FirstDay for the term selected in the PowerSchool UI.

Otherwise: Terms.FirstDay



A reference to the related studentSectionAssociation resource.



The student enrolled in the section.String




The school related to the student section association.Integer

Derived from:




An indication of the portion of a typical daily session in which students receive instruction in a specified subject, for example, morning, sixth period, block period, or AB schedules.String

Derived from:





A unique number or alphanumeric code assigned to a room by a school, school system, state, or other agency or entity.String




The local code assigned by the LEA or Campus that identifies the organization of subject matter and related learning experiences provided for the instruction of students.String




A unique identifier for the Section that is defined by the classroom, the subjects taught, and the instructors that are assigned.String

Derived from:




When a Section is part of a sequence of parts for a course, the number if the sequence. If the course has only one part, the value of this Section attribute should be 1.IntegerPublished Value = '1'R


The identifier for the school year.IntegerTerms.YearIDR


The name of the term in which the section is offered, for example, First semester, Second semester, Year long, Summer school.String

Derived from:





Month, day, and year of the student's entry or assignment to the section. If blank, default is the start date of the first grading period.Date-Time


typeThe type of grade (e.g., Exam, Final, Grading Period, Progress Report).String

Published Value = 'Final'

Published Value = 'Semester'

Published Value = 'Grading Period'

letterGradeEarnedA final or interim (grading period) indicator of student performance in a class as submitted by the instructor.String


numericGradeEarnedA final or interim (grading period) indicator of student performance in a class as submitted by the instructor.Number

If StoredGrades.Percent is greater than 0: StoredGrades.Percent

If StoredGrades.Grade is blank: Published Value = '0'

diagnosticStatementA statement provided by the teacher that provides information in addition to the grade or assessment score.StringStoredGrades.Comment (trimmed to 1024 characters) if not blankO
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