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Field Mappings

One of the powerful features of the PowerSchool SIF Agent is its flexibility in customizing the way SIF Data Objects are produced from fields in the PowerSchool database. In general, any built-in or user-defined field in a PowerSchool database table can be mapped to an element or attribute in a SIF Data Object.

The Agent's default mappings are appropriate for most installations; however, in some cases, these mappings will require fine tuning. Some instances requiring changes to the default mappings might include requirements to: publish additional fields; to change default SIF Codes assigned to elements such as student IDs, addresses, and telephone numbers; or to accommodate a subscriber Agent that has rigid data-mapping requirements.

The Field Mappings panel lists each SIF Data Object supported by the Agent. The number of "Rules" for any given object reflects the number of elements that object encompasses. For example, the StudentPersonal object has many elements, including name and contact information, language, ethnicity, and many other identifiers.

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