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Deleting Zones


Deleting a zone can delete ALL related Ref IDs, if you choose the Advanced option in the delete dialog. It is not recommended to use this option.

Follow these steps to delete zones from the PowerSchool Agent:

  1. Start the Agent.
  2. Click on the PowerSchool icon on the system tray to open the Console.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. From the main menu of the Console, choose File > Delete Zones.
  5. The Delete Zones dialog box will appear.

  6. Select the zones to delete.
  7. If desiring to delete the Ref ID's, click the Advanced button.
    1. A confirmation dialog is displayed:

    2. To preserve the SIF identifiers (RefIds) for the selected zone(s), click Yes.
    3. To delete the SIF identifies (RefIds) for the selected zones(s), click No.
    4. An additional confirmation dialog is displayed:

  8. Delete the selected zone, by clicking the Delete button.

The selected zone(s) will be deleted from the zone tree.

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