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AL Fitness Tracking


This report generates fitness records for one or a group of students within the school or district. Before extracting this report, make sure that the necessary setup is done in Fitness Tests and Scales in PowerSchool.

Selection Criteria

Student Selection

The same criteria are used for all submissions throughout the year regardless of the submission period:

  • The student must be assigned an SSID.

  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.

  • The student is enrolled in a school that is not excluded from state reporting.

  • Fitness Tests and Scales should be setup in PowerSchool.

School Selection

  • The school must not be excluded from state reporting.

Report Input

This report can be run at the District and School level.

For help with navigation and running the report, see



Select Schools

If run at the district level, choose one of the following:

  • Current School Only – Includes all student records associated with the current school that meets selection criteria.

  • All Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.

  • Select Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool servers that meet the selection criteria of the selected schools

The All Schools option and Select Schools option are only available when running the report from the District Office.

Select Students

Indicate which students to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

  • The Selected [number] Students only – Run the report for students in the current selection

  • All Students – Run the report for all students in the current school or district that meet the selection criteria.

If running the report for a single student, or group of students, select the students prior to running report.

Student Status

Choose any one of the following options from the dropdown list:

  • All - Include all active students during the selected reporting period

  • Enrolled Only - Include current active students only

  • Withdrawn - Include current withdrawn students

Test Start Date

Enter the start date for the reporting period.

Test End Date

Enter the end date for the reporting period.

Fitness Test Type
(If not selected, report will display all)

Select the fitness test type.

Fitness Scores
(If not selected, report will display all)

Enter the fitness score relevant to the fitness test type.

Include Notes

Select this Include Notes checkbox to add comments or notes. Only the first 100 characters of Notes will be displayed in the report.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Tables for a definition of each column in the table.

Data Element



State Student Number

State Identification number of the student.


Student Name

The student's name.

If Legal Name exists -




If Legal Name does not exist -





The date of birth of the student.



The age of the student.

Calculated from [Students]DOB


The gender of the student.



The student’s race or ethnicity



The student’s grade level.



The student's Homeroom in Current Enrollment



The date on which the fitness test was taken



The student's grade when fitness test was taken


Test Type

Fitness test type


Test Name

Fitness test name



Fitness score



Fitness test results


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