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Student Demographics

This category captures the core student demographic record and contains identifying information as published in the student resource. The Student Demographics category includes the following data views and resources:

Student Demographics

This data view represents a detailed list of Student Demographic data successfully published to the ODS.The published view layout provides the School Name, Student Number, Student Name, WISER ID, Gender, Grade Level, Last Publish Data, Publishing ID, and Resource ID.


This resource represents an individual for whom instruction, services, and/or care are provided in an early childhood, elementary, or secondary educational program under the jurisdiction of a school, education agency, or other institution or program. A student is a person who has been enrolled in a school or other educational institution.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data

  • [Students]
  • [S_WY_STU_X]

Selection Criteria

Records are published if the following criteria are met:

  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The student’s school of enrollment must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The studentUniqueID must be populated in PowerSchool.
  • The student must have at least one school enrollment with an Entry Date that falls within the date range defined by [Terms]FirstDay and [Terms]LastDay for the year of the Term selected in the PowerSchool UI.
  • The enrollment exit date is greater than the entry date.

Resource Output

  • A student record is published for each student who meets the selection criteria, and who is enrolled in the district in the year for the Term selected in the PowerSchool UI.
  • The student resource is not dependent on the prior publishing of other Ed-Fi resources.
    Note: After a Student record is uploaded, it cannot be modified until a studentSchoolAssociation record in the Student Enrollments category has also been uploaded for the same student.
    • This establishes a relationship between the school, the associated LEA, and the student.
    • The LEA then has permission to modify the previously uploaded Student record.
  • LEAs and Schools may upload (publish) data to the Ed-Fi ODS in real time or on-demand (“Run Now” button).

Note: Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.                       

Data Element


[Table]Data Type

Stored in [Table]Field



A unique alphanumeric code assigned to a student by a state education agency.String[Students]State_StudentNumberR


A name given to an individual at birth, baptism, or during another naming ceremony, or through legal change.String[Students]First_NameR
middleName A secondary name given to an individual at birth, baptism, or during another naming ceremony.String[Students]Middle_NameO
lastSurname The name borne in common by members of a family.String[Students]Last_NameR
generationCodeSuffix An appendage, if any, used to denote an individual's generation in his family (e.g., Jr., Sr., III).String[S_WY_STU_X]NameSuffixO

The student’s gender.



  • M: 'Male'
  • F: 'Female'
  • Otherwise: 'Not Selected'
birthDate The month, day, and year on which an individual was born.Date


Format: 'YYYY-MM-DD'

hispanicLatinoEthnicity An indication that the individual traces his or her origin or descent to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central, and South America, and other Spanish cultures, regardless of race. The term, "Spanish origin," can be used in addition to "Hispanic or Latino.Boolean

If [Students]FedEthnicity is greater than 0: '1'

Otherwise: '0'

economicDisadvantaged An indication of inadequate financial condition of an individual's family, as determined by family income, number of family members/dependents, participation in public assistance programs, and/or other characteristics considered relevant by federal, state, and local policy.Boolean

[S_WY_STU_X]LunchStatus, if populated; otherwise [Students]LunchStatus

  • R, F, or FDC: true
  • Otherwise: false

An indication of a student's level of eligibility for school food programs.

*This element is required if  economicDisadvantage = ‘True’; otherwise, it is excluded from publishing.


[S_WY_STU_X]LunchStatus, if populated; otherwise [Students]LunchStatus

  • FDC, C, or, D: 'F'
  • P: 'N'
  • Otherwise: [S_WY_STU_X]LunchStatus
An indication that the student has sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language, as to require special English Language services.String


  • 1: '1'
  • 2: '2'
  • Otherwise: [S_WY_STU_X]ELL
    • Y: 'Y'
    • N: 'N'
    • R: 'R'
    • Otherwise: 'N'


An unordered collection of studentAddresses. The set of elements that describes an address, including the street address, city, state, and ZIP code.



The type of address listed for an individual or organization, for example, Physical Address or Mailing Address.






The street number and street name or post office box number of an addressString





The name of the city in which an address is located.String





The abbreviation for the state (within the United States) or outlying area in which an address is located.String





The five- or nine-digit zip code portion of an address.String





An unordered collection of studentCharacteristics. Reflects important characteristics of the student's home situation: Displaced Homemaker, Homeless, Immigrant, Migratory, Military Parent, Pregnant Teen, Single Parent.



The characteristic designated for the student.String

CharacteristicHomeless: [S_WY_STU_X]HomelessUnaccompaniedYouth = Y: 'Homeless'

CharacteristicSection504: [S_WY_STU_X]Section504 = Y: 'Section 504 Handicapped'

CharacteristicImmigrant: [S_WY_STU_X]Immigrant = Y: 'Immigrant'

CharacteristicMigrant: [S_WY_STU_X]Migrant = Y: 'Migrant'

CharacteristicUnaccompYouth: [S_WY_STU_X]HomelessUnaccompaniedYouth = Y: 'Unaccompanied Youth'



An unordered collection of studentCohortYears. The type and year of a cohort (e.g., 9th grade) the student belongs to as determined by the year that student entered a specific grade.



A reference to the related schoolYearType resource


The school year of the cohort.



Enumeration items for the set of cohort years, for example, ninth grade, twelfth grade.String'Twelfth grade'R


An unordered collection of studentDisabilities. This type represents an impairment of body structure or function, a limitation in activities or a restriction in participation, as ordered by severity of impairment.



This descriptor defines a student’s impairment.String[S_WY_SEN_X]PrimaryDisabilityR


An unordered collection of studentElectronicMails.



The type of email listed for an individual.



The electronic mail (e-mail) address listed for an individual or organization.String[PSM_StudentContact]Email where [PSM_StudentContact]Name = SelfR


An unordered collection of studentIdentificationCodes. A coding scheme that is used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services or other agencies to refer to a student.



The organization code or name assigning the studentIdentificationCodeString


LEAID downloaded from state



A coding scheme used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services, or other agencies.String





A unique number or alphanumeric code assigned to a student by a school, school system, a state, or other agency or entity.String





An unordered collection of studentLanguages. Language(s) the individual uses to communicate.



The language(s) the individual uses to communicate.





An unordered collection of studentLanguageUses. A description of how the language is used (e.g. Home Language, Native Language, Spoken Language)



How the language is used, for example, Home Language, Native Language, Spoken Language.

String'Home language'R


An unordered collection of studentRaces. The general racial category that most clearly reflects the individual's recognition of his or her community or with which the individual most identifies. The data model allows for multiple entries so that each individual can specify all appropriate races



The racial categories that most clearly reflect the individual’s recognition of his or her community or with which the individual most identifies.



  • A or AS: 'Asian'
  • B or BL: 'Black-African American'
  • I or IM :'American Indian-Alaskan Native'
  • P or PI: 'Native Hawaiian - Pacific Islander'
  • W or WH: 'White


An unordered collection of studentTelephones. The 10-digit telephone number, including the area code, for the person.



The type of telephone number listed for an individual.



'Emergency 1'

'Emergency 2'



The 10-digit telephone number, including the area code, for the person.String





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