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Enhanced User Interface


PowerSchool is excited to announce the PowerSchool SIS Enhanced User Interface features that will be included in the 23.5 release! This combination of new features will greatly simplify everyday use and navigation within the PowerSchool SIS administrator portal. These new features are enabled through the use of security groups or User Access Roles, so they can be activated at your own pace.

Refer to the Enhanced User Interface for more information. 

Wyoming State-specific Navigation on Enhanced User Interface

Classic Page Name

Classic Location

Enhanced User Interface Page Name

Enhanced User Interface Location





Student Information

State/Province - WY, Student Information

Student Information

Student, Compliance, Student Information

Concurrent School Enrollments

State/Province - WY, Concurrent SchoolEnrollments

Concurrent School Enrollments

Student, Compliance, Concurrent School Enrollments

Civil Rights Data Collection

State/Province - WY, Civil Rights Data Collection

Civil Rights Data Collection

Student, Compliance, Civil Rights Data Collection


CRDC Faculty Information

Information, CRDC Faculty Information

CRDC Faculty Infomation

Staff, Compliance, CRDC Faculty Infomation

Course / Section 

District, Course, [state specific link]

School, Sections, [state specific link]


Home Language Codes

District, Home Language Codes

Home Language Codes

District Management, State Functions, Home Language Codes

Civil Rights Data Collection

District, Civil Rights Data Collection

Civil Rights Data Collection

District Management, State Functions, Civil Rights Data Collection


System, [state specific link]

System Management, Category, [state specific link]

Special Functions

Import Data Files

Special Functions, Import Data Files

Import Data Files

People, Special Functions, Import Data Files










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