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Student-Level Field Update

To process the Student-Level Field Update, navigate to Reports > State Reports page, and select the Student-Level Field Update link.

IMPORTANT: This function will permanently modify your database. Use only if you know exactly what you are doing, and then only with extreme caution. Changes are permanent.

This report is run after districts have completed the PowerSchool End-Of-Year process for the next school year.

  • This report can only be run at the District-Level.
  • Preview Mode must be run prior to Update Mode.
  • Preview Mode - Districts can run this report in Preview Mode to see the current data that will be updated as noted in the field list. A .CSV file is produced when this report is run in Preview Mode and can be run multiple times without database impact. If needed, the preview file can also be used to restore updated values.
  • Update Mode - Update Mode can only be run once, as it will fail for any other additional attempts.
  • In the Fields To Update section of the screen, select the fields that are to be updated. Fields are organized into 2 categories: Recommended and Other.
  • Only students with an Enroll Status = 0 will be included.
  • Process can only be run once a year.
  • End-Of-Year process must have been run.
  • This process cannot be run after October 1st.

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