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Student Contact Setup

To use student contacts for Wisconsin State Reporting, the following setup is necessary.

Data ElementAdditional Information[Table] Field NameUsed in these Reports

Select 'Yes' to use Student Contacts for State Reporting.

Select 'No' to continue using Primary and Secondary Parent/Guardian for State Reporting.

Note: This is a District setting and is applied to all schools.

Select Relationship from the Code Set drop-down.


Enter the Reported Value

To enter the Reported Value, click on the action pencil icon.

When the window opens, set the Reported Value to one of the following valid options:

  • F
  • M
  • O
  • G

Note: Contacts without a valid reported value will not be used for state reporting.


Setting up Student Contacts for State Reporting Use

Start Page > Search Students > Select Student > Contacts

See  District Setup for directions on how to turn on this feature.

First Name

Enter the Contact's first name.



Last Name

Enter the Contact's last name.



Middle NameEnter the Contact's middle name. (Optional)[Person]MiddleNameWISEid

Select the Contact's relationship from the drop-down.

Note: See District Setup for instructions on how to define relationships using code sets




The contact selection for State Reporting is determined by the following criteria:

    • Contact cannot be excluded from state reporting.
    • The contact relationship has a reported value of F, M, G, or O.
    • If a contact has a start or end date, the system will use the current date to determine if the contact is active.

If a contact meets the above criteria then the list order is used to determine Parent 1 and Parent 2.

    • Highest list order is designated Parent 1
    • Second Highest in list order is designated Parent 2

Start DateEnter the Contacts State Date. (Optional)[StudentContactDetail]EndDateWISEid
End DateEnter the Contacts End Date. (Optional)[StudentContactDetail]EndDateWISEid
Exclude From State ReportingCheck to Exclude contact from State Reporting. (Optional)[StudentContactDetail] ExcludeFromStateReportingFlgWISEid
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