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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-230336District of Residence Flag for Charter Schools

A new field is added to Edit School (Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Edit School) under Other Information called Charter School. This is required when a Charter School exists on the same PowerSchool instance with other Public (Non-Charter) Schools and all students reside in the same Public School District. This will publish the District of Residence for the Charter School Students.

PSSR-228490Ed-Fi Framework: Performance Improvement Update

Performance improvements are made to the publishing of data.

PSSR-229993Ed-Fi: Publish CE Programs from New Fields on CTE Page

Ed-Fi now publishes CE programs using CTE page data without requiring an associated grade.

PSSR-228544Ed-Fi: Remote Enrollments for Schools with Same ID Reporting Incorrectly

Ed-Fi publishes a single Student School Association and Student Ed Org Association records when two schools have the same Org ID, and a student is enrolled in one and remotely enrolled in the other.

PSSR-231246Ed-Fi: RepeatGradeIndicator Field Change

Ed-Fi will now use the new Repeat_Grade_Indicator field when publishing the Repeat Grade Indicator value to the state.

PSSR-197233Ed-Fi: SPED Exit Reason Validations

New validations are added to verify the SPED exit reason with enrollment exit codes. Refer to SPED Exit Reason Validations for more information.

PSSR-230533Ed-Fi: Use Charter School Flag to Publish District of Residence

A new flag is added for charter schools on the School Information page. If this flag is set, then the Ed-Fi system will publish the District of Residence for all students in that school. If the flag is not set, the system will publish the District of Residence information if that value of the District of Residence is different than the District Number on the District Info page.

PSSR-231368Exclude Enrollment from State Reporting - Update

A student may be excluded from state reporting in the current year or the previous year by checking the Exclude the Enrollment Record from WISEdata Reporting field.

Ed-Fi publishing will be updated in the May state reporting release.

PSSR-232102Historical Grade Validation Bug

The following validation is removed:

  • "If using an associated section, then Certified Programs Status Type must be blank"
PSSR-230709Historical Grades Page - Update

State Endorsed Regional Career Pathway Status Type has been moved to the Obsolete section of the page.

PSSR-233046Parent Placed Private - Update

An update in State Reporting installer to transfer Parent Placed Private values from the Special Programs page to the WISEdata Student Information Page and/or the Previous Enrollment page did not occur if a student had two special education programs with the same start date. This is corrected and data will now transfer properly for affected districts.

PSSR-228753Repeat Grade Indicator

The following changes are made:

  • A new field is created for the Repeat Grade Indicator. Students repeating a grade are set to Y. Students being promoted to a higher grade are set to N.
  • This field exists on the student’s Current Enrollment ([S_WI_STU_X]Repeat_Grade_Indicator) and Previous Enrollment ([S_WI_REN_X]Repeat_Grade_Indicator).
  • If a student has information in the field Promotion Higher Grade, the system will transfer the values to the new field Repeat Grade Indicator.
  • The field Promotion Higher Grade is Obsolete.
PSSR-232117Special Programs Parentally Placed Private - Update

A validation requiring the Parentally Placed Private Indicator is removed from the Special Programs page.

PSSR-229027Student Career Technical Education (CTE) Update

A list of the Certified Career Education Programs and the Certificated Program Status Type is added to the CTE and Edit Previous Enrollment page.

PSSR-232210WISEid Person Upload - Update

A student's enrollment record will be excluded from the report if the Exclude this record from WISEdata Reporting field is selected on the current enrollment or previous enrollment.

SPED Exit Reason Validations

SPED Exit ReasonValid ExitCodes
C - ContinuingTNC, TC
T - TransferredTNC, TC
R - Revokedn/a - no validation required
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