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Special Education Downloads

This category represents the download of Special Education (SPED) data from WISEdata. The Special Education download is used to determine if a student is receiving Special Education services for Discipline reporting and October Count Date Status reporting. Requests will only be made if SPED data publishing is disabled on this system.


  • The Special Education category is only used for public schools.
  • All downloaded Special Education records are stored in [SpEnrollments] where [Gen]Program = SPED_Downloads. These records are viewable, but are excluded from publishing.
  • Any changes made to the downloaded Special Education data will not publish to the state ODS. Changes should be made through your SPED software to publish to the state ODS.

Special Education Data Listing

This view contains a listing of downloaded Special Education data by School and Student. The layout includes the School Name, Student Name, Student Number, Gender, Grade Level, Wisconsin Student Number, Program Entry Date, Responsible School, IEP Begin Date, IEP End Date, Last Evaluation Date, Primary Disability Code, and Parent Placed Private.


 This resource represents the special education program(s) that a student participates in or receives services from. 

Data Element


Data Type

Stored in [Table]Field



The month, day, and year on which the student first received services.


Stored in: [SpEnrollments]Enter_Date


The month, day, and year on which the student exited the Program or stopped receiving services.

DateStored in: [SpEnrollments]Exit_DateO

This descriptor defines the reason a student exited a program.

*Required if endDate is populated.



A reference to the related School resource.



The school associated with the student.Integer

Stored in: [SpEnrollments]SchoolID

Value stored:

[Schools]School_Number, where the Ed-Fi SchoolID for the [Schools] record matches the SchoolID in the downloaded record.

The Ed-Fi SchoolID is [S_WI_SCH_X]EdFi_StateSchoolNumber, or if this field is blank then

[Schools]Alternate_School_Number] if greater than 0

Otherwise, [Schools]School_Number

If no match is found for the downloaded SchoolID, '0' is stored (district record). 

studentUniqueIdA unique number or alphanumeric code assigned to a student by a state education agency.String

Stored in: [SpEnrollments]StudentID

Value stored :[Students]ID where studentUniqueID matches [Students]State_StudentNumber

specialEducationSettingDescriptorThe major instructional setting (more than 50 percent of a student’s special education program).String[S_WI_SEN_X]Educational_EnvironmentR


A reference to the related School resource.



A reference to the related school resource. School which holds FAPE Accountability per the IEP or the ISP.Integer


The value stored is the Ed-Fi SchoolID as downloaded.

iepBeginDateThe effective date of the most recent IEP.Date[S_WI_SEN_X]IEP_Begin_DateR
iepEndDateThe end date of the most recent IEP.Date[S_WI_SEN_X]IEP_End_DateR
wiDpiParentPlacedPrivateIndicates if a student has been placed by a parent or guardian in a private school, and if the student is receiving Primary education services from a Private school and Special education services from a public school.Boolean


If true, then value = 'Y'

Otherwise value = 'N'



Represents an individual for whom instruction, services and/or care are provided in an early childhood, elementary or secondary educational program under the jurisdiction of a school, education agency, or other institution or program.



Defines a student’s impairment.

Note: Only the primary disability is stored.



Stored if 'reporting' in download = true


Indicator of the eligibility of the student to receive special education services according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

IdeaEligibility must be true to download Special Education record.

BooleanNot stored. Always True for downloaded records.O



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