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Non-Compliant Student List

This produces a list of students who are not in compliance according the Wisconsin Department of Health Services vaccination requirements.

Run the Update Student Compliance function before running this report.

  • This report lists students with an immunization status of Behind Schedule, In Process, or No Record.

  • These are the students who are candidates to receive the legal notice and/or 90th Day Letter.

  • This report is intended for internal reporting purposes, and is not submitted.

  • The Report will include currently active students who are not excluded from immunization reporting.

  • In Process is students whose over all status (S_WI_STU_IMM_X.Imm_Status) is In Process.

  • Not Compliant is students whose over all status (S_WI_STU_IMM_X.Imm_Status) is No Record or Behind Schedule.

Report Input



Select School

Select the Current School Only.

This is the only option available at the School level.

Select Letter

In Process and Not Compliant

In Process

Not Compliant (No Record and Behind Schedule)

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