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Virginia State Transcript - Tips for Resolving Data Errors

Prior to generating the Virginia State Transcript PDF, there are data items that must be correctly entered.  Incorrect data entry/setup may cause the report to generate output that is unexpected.  Here you will find tips for resolving the most common data entry/setup errors that contribute to the unexpected results.

VA State Transcript - Omitted Classes/Grades

  1. Review your store code entries at Start Page > District Setup > School/School Info in the 'Store Codes from this school to include on Transcript for Current Year' field.  Grades associated with the store codes that are not entered here, will not print on the report.
  2. Review your store code entries at Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Edit School in the 'Store Codes from this school to omit on Transcript for Previous Years'.  This limits the grades that will display for previous school years and should be checked in the event duplicates are printed.
  3. Note that the 'Work In Progress' section is based on course enrollment.  It includes the student course enrollments that are active, do not have a stored grade AND associated with a store code that is present in the 'Include Stored Codes for the Current Year' list at the District Office.
  4. Verify that the Historical Grade grade record for each course has a non-blank value for potential credit hours, a non-blank value for credit hours, a valid course number, and a valid section number at Start Page > Student Selection > Historical Grades.
  5. Verify that the 'Exclude from transcript' flag is not enabled in the Historical Grade record for the student.

VA State Transcript - Attendance

Note: The logic used in the VA State Transcript to extract attendance has been modified so that it is calculated in the same manner as the Aggregate Days Absent in the Student Record Collection. Users with state reporting version or higher will no longer need to run multiple reports before running the Transcript.

  1. Attendance for the Virginia State Transcript PDF report no longer requires the use of the Student Attendance Summary report as of state reporting version Attendance is now calculated using the ADA/ADM views. 
  2. The absences reported in the Transcript will match what is reported when running the PowerSchool ADA/ADM reports for the defined Def. Att. Mode of the FTE assigned to the student. As such, review your school attendance setup for FTE, Attendance Conversion, Attendance Codes, etc. if the absences are incorrect.
  3. Be sure to run the Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data function at Start Page > Special Functions > Attendance Functions to include any attendance that has been recorded for the current day.
  4. Users on state reporting software versions prior to must continue to run the Student Attendance Summary report prior to running the Transcript in order to see attendance data as the new Transcript code has not been applied.

VA State Transcript - No Records/Qualified Students Found

  1. Verify that the student is not excluded from state reporting at Start Page > Student Selection > State/Province - VA > General tab.

  2. Verify that you have the option to include Graduated Students set to 'Yes' on the report parameters page if you are running the report for a student who has graduated.
  3. Be sure to select 'All Schools' on the report parameters page if you have your school set as the Graduated Students school in the top right corner prior to running the report.  If run at the Graduated School with 'Use Current School Only' the transcript will not produce results.
  4. Check the School Exclude from State Reporting flag at Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Edit School.
  5. Check the Course Exclude from Transcript flag at Start Page > School Setup > Courses.

VA State Transcript - Class Rank

  1. Running the report in the incorrect year prevents the expected class rank from displaying for students. Check the term selected in the top right corner prior to submitting the report.
  2. Be sure that the class rank has been calculated for the student in the current year. The class rank is stored in the ClassRank table and can be verified by running the Class Rank Report at Start Page > System Reports > (Grades & Gradebooks) Class Ranking.


For more information on the VA State Transcript and setup requirements, please visit VA State Transcript-PDF FAQ Setup.


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