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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-268432Added Corrections to Icon Descriptions

The icon descriptions for the identified fields are updated as follows:

  • Responsible Division icon now reads: If a Responsible Division is provided, a Responsible School must also be provided.
  • Serving Division icon now reads: If a Serving Division is provided, a Serving School must also be provided.
  • PK Funding Source icon now reads as follows:

Grade Level or Grade Code must be PK

Number of Active PK students with codes of 3 or 4 or 12 cannot be higher than the budget allotment:

If PK funding source code = 3, non-public student FTE cannot be 10 or 25

If PK funding source code = 3, age as of 9/30 must be >=4 and < 5

If PK funding source code = 12, age as of 9/30 must be >= 3 and < 4

  • PK Weekly Time Code now reads as follows:

Required if student is in grades PK, JK, KG, KA, KP, or T1

PK Weekly Code = 0 can only be used with PK Experience Codes 6

PSSR-289427Additional Updates for the Student Record Collection Reports

Student Record Collection - Fall: Version 5.9
Student Record Collection - Spring: Version 5.6
Student Record Collection - EOY: Version 5.9
Student Record Collection - Summer: Version 4.8
Student Record Collection - Special Ed (Dec 1): Version 4.9
Student Record Collection - EIMS: Version 4.9

When running the Fall, EIMS, Dec 1, Spring, EOY, and Summer reports for a submission:

  • If the MOP Flag is Y, the Resident Division field is extracted, else it is blank.
  • The Active Status Code value for MOP students is output as V, I, or N.
  • The Immigrant Flag also extracts for EIMS, Spring, and EOY.
PSSR-290384Early College Scholar Program Code Field Value Update

When navigating to Start Page > Student Selection > State Province - VA > General

  • The field Early College Scholar Program Code includes a value ‘Student earned the Commonwealth Scholar medallion (6)’.
  • The description for value for is updated to include the words “certificate” and “medallion”.
PSSR-286109Incident Management SubCodes 'xxxOTH' Removed

The following subcodes are removed from the load code subcode script:

  3. RBOTH

If manually removed from the Code & Subcode Setup, the codes no longer load when the script is executed.

Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > Incident Management Setup > Code & Subcode Setup

PSSR-289997W8 Reason Code Invalid Character Removal

The Re-Enroll in School and Create New School functions are updated to no longer insert a value into the W8 Reason Code field for current enrollments. This also prevents the insertion of a ‘space’ that was causing invalid characters to display on the SRC report.

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