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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-288289All States/Provinces: CRDC - DISC1-b Update

CRDC - School File: Version 1.3

DISC1-b (PK Expulsions) in the template was looking at the incorrect logic (DISC1-c). The report is now updated and DISC1-b and DISC1-c will report as expected.

PSSR-281962All States/Provinces: CRDC - LEA File - Output File Updates

CRDC - LEA File: Version 1.3

The web link for the "Harassment or Bullying Policy" is now a hyperlink. This will prevent longer web addresses from overflowing the text box.

For email elements, a space has been added after each email address so the text wraps properly.

PSSR-284900All States/Provinces: CRDC STAFF FTE Fields Update

On the Edit School page, the CRDC Staff FTE fields are updated and now store values to the hundredth place.

PSSR-305516All States/Provinces: Jquery Version 3.6 Upgrade

Additional Reference: PSSR-306326

The Jquery library in the PowerSchool SIS State/Provincial Reporting installer has been upgraded to version 3.6.

PSSR-280319All States/Provinces: New - Import ID Look-Up Functionality

The Append Import ID functionality allows users to upload an import file with any of the four student ID values (dcid, id, state student number, or student number). The user can then select which ID/foreignkey their file contains and which of the remaining three, they want to add. The system would create a new version of their import file with defined columns and data and the additional, indicated ID/foreignkey columns added as additional columns.

This functionality helps the user to import data into PowerSchool without having to go through a great deal of manual manipulation especially while importing into extension tables since they use studentDCID which is not easily accessible in PowerSchool.

Append Student Import ID Functionality would appear on the following pages:

  • Start page> Import & Exporting
  • Start Page> Special Functions> Importing & Exporting
  • Start page> System> Page & Data Management
PSSR-303788All States/Provinces: SRP Startup Optimization

The SRP start-up process (which loads the reports available in PowerSchool) has been optimized to reduce the start-up time needed for PowerSchool.

PSSR-306020Incident Management: Student Victims Codes and Subcodes Script

A check to see if the Duration Code and Victims Attributes have been created properly will run via script.  If they are not created properly, an update to create the codes will run.  If they have been created properly, no action is taken.

PSSR-304327MSC Schema PSSR-146712 Reported in Log

An update is made to the ReportSchemaUpdate file to remove the reported error message from the runtime log when restarting PowerSchool services.

PSSR-307573SBAR: Multiple Lines for E Record When There Are Multiple Victim Count Types

Student Behavior and Administrative Response (SBAR) Collection: Version 2.0

The report is updated to report one E record when multiple victim types are associated with an incident record.

Note: Multiple lines may still report if multiple counts of the same time are entered. A single count should be entered.

PSSR-307500VA Test Score Import UI Updates

Updated the following pages to handle the display of assessments without a performance level value and associated with Test Administration values 5 and 6:

  • SOL Scores and Credits tab
  • SOL Test Scores tab
  • Verified Credit Status tab

Note: When selecting a test admin value other than 5/6, notification that the performance level value is required displays. “Select a value for all non-Growth Assessments.”

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