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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-300225All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preferences - API Updates

Validations to allow alphanumeric characters are added for all Digital Equity and Learning Preference fields, enabling the values inserted via API to be visible in the Digital Equity and Learning Preferences UI.

PSSR-303799HTTP 500 Error Submitting Courses Page

The Courses page is updated to allow submission without an HTTP 500 error.

PSSR-300006Master Schedule Collection Report (MSC): Trailer Record Count Is Incorrect for EOY and Fall

Master Schedule Collection Report: Version 2.14

Master Schedule Collection Fall and EOY Submission reports have been updated, when run from the District Office for All Schools and All Students, the record count reflected in the trailer matches the number of records included in the output file.

PSSR-301101Page Keep Loading on Submitting after PS_22.6 Upgrade

VA Student Pages have been updated to store and submit the data without a continuous Page Loading process.

PSSR-300924SBAR 2022-2023 Report Updates

Student Behavior and Administrative Response (SBAR) Collection: Version 1.9

The report is updated with logic for the fields Incident Division and Incident School. To extract, the incident must be set to Location Code 5 "offsite" and a comment provided.  The report is also updated to recognize the new categories created for Victim Count Reporting for each victim count field in the E record.

PSSR-290402SRC Report Update - Count Seclusion and Restraint from Common Physical Restraint/Time-Out

Student Record Collection - Fall: Version 6.1
Student Record Collection - Spring: Version 5.9
Student Record Collection - EOY: Version 6.2
Student Record Collection - Summer: Version 5.0
Student Record Collection - Special Ed (Dec 1): Version 5.2
Student Record Collection - EIMS: Version 5.2

A new report parameter, Include Restraint & Seclusion from PRTO? has been included.  If set to 'Yes', the SRC report will count restraint and seclusion numbers from the student entries recorded on the PowerSchool Restraint/Seclusion page only and not Incidents.

Navigation: From the Start Page, select Student Selection then Restraint/Seclusion page.

PSSR-305565Update Description for 'Summer Course' Course/Section Setting to Indicate MSC Dependency

The field description for existing Course/Section field, 'Summer Course' is updated to include ‘Used on SRP Transcript, MSC’.  This field must be set to Yes for MSC summer courses.

PSSR-300544VA Test Score Import Validation Update

The VA Test Score Import validation is updated to check for the scaled score OR vertical scaled score when SOL Test results are imported.  This will allow the import of Vertical Scale Score data results.

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