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Incident Management: Behavior Codes and Subcodes

Behavior Codes

BAPBehaviors that Impede Academic Progress
BSOBehaviors Related to School Operations
RBRelationship Behaviors
BBCBehaviors of a Safety Concern
BESOBehaviors that Endanger Self/Others
PDPersistently Dangerous Behavior Code

Behavior Subcodes

(BAP) Behaviors that Impede Academic Progress

BAP1Interfering with learning in the classroom (examples include talking, excessive noise, off-task, out of seat, possessing items that distract)
BAP2Interfering with learning outside of the classroom (examples include excessive noise, interrupting a class)
BAP3Scholastic dishonesty (such as cheating, plagiarism)
BAP4Unexcused tardiness to class
BAP5Unexcused tardiness to school

(BSO) Behaviors Related to School Operations

BSO1Altering an official document or record
BSO2Giving false information, misrepresentation
BSO3Refusal to comply with requests of staff in a way that interferes with the operation of school
BSO4Failure to be in one’s assigned place - This code is retired
BSO5Failure to attend assigned disciplinary setting (detention, in-school suspension, Saturday school)
BSO6Bringing unauthorized persons to school or allowing unauthorized persons to enter the school building
BSO7Dress Code Violation
BSO8Gambling (games of chance for money or profit)
BSO9Possessing items that are inappropriate for school (examples include toys, literature, electronics)
BSO10Possession of stolen items
BS011Unauthorized use of school electronic or other equipment
BSO12Violation of the Acceptable Use of Technology/internet policy
BSO13Violation of school board policy regarding the possession or use of portable communication devices
BSO14Vandalism, graffiti, or other damage to school or personal property
BSO15Student is not going to class as assigned
BSO16Student is in an unauthorized area of the campus

(RB) Relationship Behaviors

RB1Bullying with no physical injury (See Model Policy to Addressing Bullying in Virginia’s  Public Schools)
RB2Cyberbullying (See Model Policy to Addressing Bullying in Virginia’s  Public Schools)
RB3Posting, distributing, displaying, or sharing inappropriate material or literature, including using electronics means 
RB4Saying or writing either directly or through electronic communication sexually suggestive comments, innuendos, propositions, or other remarks of a sexual nature
RB5Stealing money or property without physical force
RB6Speaking to another in an uncivil, discourteous manner
RB7Teasing, taunting, engaging in a verbal confrontation, verbally inciting a fight
RB8Using profane or vulgar language or gestures (swearing, cursing, hate speech, gang signs or gestures)
RB9Using slurs based upon the actual or perceived race, ethnicity, color, national origin, citizenship/immigration status, weight, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or disability
RB10Failure to respond to questions or requests by staff
RB11Unwanted or inappropriate physical contact

(BBC) Behaviors of a Safety Concern

BSC1Alcohol: Possessing, using, or being under the influence of alcohol
BSC2Alcohol: Distributing alcohol to other students
BSC3Drugs: Possessing drug paraphernalia 
BSC4Drugs: Violating school board non-prescription (Over the counter) medication policy or look-alike drug policy
BSC5Tobacco: Possessing/Using/Distributing tobacco products, possessing tobacco paraphernalia, electronic cigarettes, vaping equipment
BSC6Bullying Behavior without physical injury that continues after intervention (See Link: Model Policy to Addressing Bullying in Virginia’s Public Schools) Bullying that leads to physical injury should be classified as Assault and Battery
BSC7Cyberbullying that continues after intervention (See Link: Model Policy to Addressing Bullying in Virginia’s Public Schools) Cyberbullying that relates a threat to the safety of students and staff should be treated with a higher level of intervention and consequences
BSC8Harassment: Repeatedly annoying or attacking a student or a group of students or personnel creating  an intimidating or hostile educational or work environment 
BSC9Bus: Distracting the bus driver
BSC10Bus: Endangering the safety of others on the bus
BSC11Fire alarm: Falsely activating a fire or other disaster alarm
BSC12Fire Related: Possessing items that could be used to set or cause a fire or produce large amounts of smoke
BSC13Engaging in reckless behavior that creates a risk of injury to self or others
BSC14Fighting that results in no injury as determined by the school administration
BSC15Inciting or causing a substantial disturbance to the operation of school or the safety of staff and/or students
BSC16Throwing an object that has the potential to cause a disturbance, injury, or property damage
BSC17Shoving, pushing, striking, biting another student with no visible injury
BSC18Exposing body parts, lewd or indecent public behavior
BSC19Physical contact of a sexual nature – patting body parts, pinching, tugging clothing
BSC21Stalking as described in the Code of Virginia  section 18.2-60.3
BSC22Stealing money or property using physical force (no weapon involved)
BSC24Leaving school grounds without permission
BSC26Possessing dangerous instruments/substances that could be used to inflict harm upon another
BSC27Weapons: Possessing any weapon (other than a firearm) as defined by § 18.2-308.1.

(BESO) Behaviors that Endanger Self/Others

BESO1Assault: Intending to cause physical injury to another person
BESO2Assault and Battery: Causing physical injury to another person
BESO3Fighting: The use of physical violence between students or on another person where there is minor injury as determined by the school administration
BESO4Striking Staff: The use of force against a staff member when no injury is caused
BESO5Drugs: Possessing controlled substances, illegal drugs inhalants, or synthetic hallucinogens or unauthorized prescription medications
BESO6Drugs: Being under the influence of controlled substances, illegal drugs, inhalants, or synthetic hallucinogens or unauthorized prescription medications
BESO7Drugs: Using controlled substances or using  illegal drugs or synthetic hallucinogens or unauthorized prescription medications 
BESO9Fire: Attempting to set, aiding in setting, or setting a fire
BESO10Gang-Related Behavior: Engaging in a threatening or dangerous behavior that is gang-related as defined in §18.2-46.1
BESO11Hazing as defined in §18.2-56 and noted in § 22.1-279.6.
BESO12Threatening, intimidating or instigating violence, injury or harm to a staff member or members
BESO13Threatening, intimidating or instigating violence, injury, or harm to another student(s) or other(s) (not including written threats)
BESO14Threatening, intimidation, or instigating violence, injury or harm to another student(s) or other(s) in writing.
BESO15Using an object not generally considered to be a weapon to threaten or attempt to injure school personnel
BESO16Using an object not generally considered to be a weapon to threaten or attempt to injure students or others
BESO17Bomb threat –Making a bomb threat
BESO18Crime changed in community reported to Superintentdent

(PD) Persistently Dangerous Behavior Code

  • Sub Category - I

    PD1Homicide - Firearm
    PD2Homicide - Other Weapon
    PD3Sexual Assault
    PD4Attempted Sexual Assault
    PD5Use of a Bomb
  • Sub Category - II

    PD6Assault with Firearm or Weapon
    PD7Actual or Attempted Robbery
    PD9Malicious Wounding without a Weapon
    PD10Aggravated Sexual Battery on a Student
  • Sub Category - III

    PD11Illegal Possession of Handgun
    PD12Illegal Possession of Rifle or Shotgun
    PD13Illegal Possession of Any Other Projectile Weapon
    PD14Illegal Possession of Bomb
    PD15Illegal Possession of Other Firearms: firebombs, explosive materials or devices, hoax explosive devices per §18.2-85, or explosive incendiary devices, as defined in §18.2-433.1, or chemical bombs per §18.2-87.1 
    PD16Illegal Possession of Controlled Drugs and Substances with Intent to Distribute or Sell

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