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Final Grades



The Data Clearinghouse Course Membership records include historical grades data. In PowerSchool, historical grades are kept in the StoredGrades table. The output for grade information, Credits Attempted, Grades Earned, and Credits Earned relies on the StoredGrades record. To ensure that historical grades are properly reported in the Data Clearinghouse Report, it is important that the StoredGrades table is populated. The Permanently Store Grades process needs to be run to move the grades from the PGFinalGrades table to the StoredGrades table.

There are various mechanisms available to populate the StoredGrades table. This section provides an overview of each mechanism and how each mechanism should be used.

Final Grade Setup

Final Grade Setup can be found in Start Page > School > Final Grade Setup. This must be defined for each school.

Final grades may be entered through PowerGrade and PowerTeacher if Final Grade Setup is completed for a school. If set up correctly, the final grade records will be created in the PGFinalGrades table in the appropriate format that can be pulled into the report. You must store attendance information when you run the Final Grades procedure.

Average Final Grade

Average Final Grade can be found in Start Page > System > Average Final Grade.

Average Final Grade is a system level function provided for administrators to generate the final grade records in the StoredGrades table. This function creates records that are slightly different from the records generated by Final Grade Setup. Attendance information must be stored when running the Final Grades procedure.

Note: Average Final Grade only needs to be run to aggregate the Year and Semester grades.

Import into StoredGrades

Import can be found in Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting.

Final grades can also be imported directly into the StoredGrades table. When importing grades directly into StoredGrades, each of the following fields must be provided:

  • StudentID
  • SectionID
  • TermID
  • Absences
  • DateStored
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