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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257368All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preference link Is Visible on Public Portal When Disabled

Digital Equity and Learning Preference public portal data entry has been updated and will no longer be visible when the district-level preference has not been enabled. Additionally, when enabled, the icon in the public portal will display on the left navigation bar as expected.

PSSR-251616All States/Provinces: Clock In / Clock Out Report Completes Successfully

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out Report completes successfully for schools with multiple FTE's.

PSSR-254977CTE Certification Page - Update

The code values for the following fields are reordered.

  • CIP Code 1 - Sorted numerically
  • CIP Code 2 - Sorted numerically
  • Certification Administered - Sorted alphabetically
PSSR-238979Ed-Fi v3 Support for district and compliance reportingEd-Fi v3 support for district and compliance reporting is now available based on the recently successful pilot project. Districts can begin publishing compliance data to their Ed-Fi ODS once SCDE provides access.  Additional data domains will be supported in future releases per SCDE requirements.
PSSR-239608Ed-Fi: Staff Association - Staff Assignments Data View

The End Date value in the Staff Assignments data view in Staff Association collections will be the last day of the selected school term.

PSSR-239606Ed-Fi: Staff Demographics Data View

The Gender column in the Staff Demographics data view now displays the staff gender, which is selected on the Staff Information page for published records.

PSSR-257207Large Districts - SC ESOL Oral and Written Communication - Updated

On the ESOL page, the following fields are populated from the SC Student information page and are displayed as read-only.

  • Home Language
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
PSSR-254967SC Add-On Weightings Page – Update

The LEP Description is changed to "ESL value of 1-5, 6.0, A1, A2, A3."

PSSR-256362SC Large District – SC41 Truancy School Detail Report Not Displaying Inactive at School Level

SC41 Truancy School Detail: Version 1.0.9

When the report is run at the school level, students truant in a previous school for the same term will be displayed in parenthesis.

PSSR-256277SC – EFA/EIA Classification Information / EFA Code Entry Page Does Not Display Current EFA Primary Code

The EFA Code Entry page displays the current EFA Primary code.

PSSR-254969SC24 Add-On Weightings Update

SC24 Add-On Weightings Update: Version 1.2.0

  • LEP Description criteria exclude CM and W.
  • The valid English Proficiency (SC_Engl_Prof) values are 1-5, 6.0, A1, A2, and A3.
  • LEP_Eligiblity_Ind in the S_SC_Stu_AddonWtgs_C table is set to "YES."
PSSR-254899SC26 Precode Initialization - Update

SC26 Precode Initialization: Version 1.9

During the Precode Initialization process, S_SC_STU_X.CR_Oral_ Accommodation is initialized to blank

PSSR-254897Student Precode Page - Update
  • The misspelling in the column name, CR_Oral_Accomodation, is corrected to CR_Oral_Accommodation.
  • The "OG – Oral Administrative Guide" option value is removed from the Career Readiness Oral Accommodations field.
PSSR-256818Student Selection Link Does Not Work for Transferred out Student

The Student Selection breadcrumb link redirection issue is fixed on the South Carolina state information pages.

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