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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Additional Student Information Page Changes

Navigation : Start Page > Student Selection > South Carolina State Information > SC Student Information

  • The following options are disabled from the Move to District.

    • Clarendon 3, Hampton 1, and Hampton 2

  • No schools are available to select under the Move to Schools field for the disabled districts

  • Users can select schools except when the district is disabled.

Districts with no schools that are active will not display in the dropdown for ‘Move to District’.


Demographics Page Validation for Legal First Name, Last Name, and Gender FieldsThe Legal First Name, Last Name, and Gender fields, in the Demographics page, have been made mandatory with an asterisk (*)symbol. Appropriate error messages have been added when they are blank.
PSSR-274836Early Childhood Changes – Drop-down Value for Unknown Updated

The drop-down value Unknown is changed to U – Unknown in the fields, Prior Child Care, Prior Provider, and Prior Class fields. Also, a new blank value is added to the drop-down list of these three fields.

PSSR-276772Ed-Fi Staff Assignments Page Does Not Render Correctly (IN, SC)

The Ed-Fi Staff Assignments Page now renders correctly for customers in IN and SC.

PSSR-274178Installer Script Update to Add SC-COVD Category

The installer script is updated for attendance code SC-COVD to include Category of Excused.

PSSR-274824Kindergarten Staggered Start Date Attendance Code – SC-KTST

Attendance Code Standardization Report: Version 2.0

A new Attendance Code: SC-KTST is added.


Logic Change for staffUniqueId in staffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociations Resource

The following updates are made to the staffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociations Resource:

  1. Verify that staffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociations category appears on the dashboard and publishes without errors.

  2. Verify staffReference is added.

  3. Under staffReference, verify staffUniqueId is s_sc_usr_x.tchr_id when s_sc_usr_x.tchr_id is not null or '0' and staffUniqueId is concat(prefs.districtnumber,users.dcid) when s_sc_usr_x.tchr_id is null.

  4. Verify resource is able to publish successfully without any errors.

  5. Verify swagger for the same resource.


SCDE Enroll New Students Page Validation Changes for Legal Name and GenderThe required validation is implemented for Legal First name, Legal Last name, and Legal Gender fields.


SCDE Ed-Fi Student Education Organizations Associations ResourceResource updated for SCDE Ed-Fi Student Education Organizations Associations.
PSSR-274848Student CTE Page Changes – New Value for Concentrator Year

New value PT22 added to Concentrator Year 1 and Concentrator Year 2 fields. The value stored in the database is PT22. with the validation that the concentrator Year value must be earlier than the Completion Year value.


Student Not Tested Page Changes

The below changes are made to the Student Not Tested page;

  1. Split the Alternate Assessments for Elem/Middle/High Test Category into two test categories:

    • Test Category: Alternate Assessments for Elem/Middle School store as Alt Elem/Middle

    • Test Category: Alternate Assessments for High School store as Alt High

  2. Test Missed options are split between the two new categories:

    • Test Category: Alternate Assessments for Elem/Middle School

      • Test Missed options:

        • ELA/Math

        • SCI/SocStud

    • Test Category: Alternate Assessments for High School

      • Test Missed options:

        • Kept the database values the same, changed the display drop-down values to the following:

          • Change EOCEP Alt – English 1 to Alternate EOCEP – English

          • Change EOCEP Alt – Algebra 1 to Alternate EOCEP – Algebra

          • Change EOCEP Alt – Biology 1 to Alternate EOCEP – Biology

          • Change EOCEP Alt – US History to Alternate EOCEP – US History

  3. Disabled the Reason for Not Testing option: 018 – Student not eligible for alternate assessment due to age.

  4. The 009 – Transfer Student(EOCEP only) reason is disabled for all Test Category options except the below options:

    • Middle/High School End-of-Course

    • Alternate Assessments for High School

5. If Middle/High Schools End-of-Course is selected, Roman numerals (I & II) are replaced with Arabic numbers (1 & 2).

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