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How to Allow Access to Incident Types

Use the following procedure to allow staff access to the Incident types.

  1. On the start page, click System. The System Administrator Page Appears.
  2. Click Security. The Security page appears.
  3. Click Groups. The Groups page appears.
  4. Select the Group to modify. The Edit Group page appears.
  5. In the Accessible Incident Types section select the checkbox for Discipline^ and/or Truancy^ to allow access to the incident types that this group needs.
  6. Click Submit. The Groups page appears.
  7. Repeat these steps for additional Groups that require access to the incident types.

Note: You can see which staff members are assigned to a group via Start Page > System > Security > Users by Group. You may assign a staff member to a group via Start Page > Staff > [select a staff member] > Security Settings > Group. For more information, see the PowerSchool Online Help, or the Security Permissions and Group Security Permissions sections of the System Administrator User Guide on PowerSource.

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