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Troubleshooting Tips

Report Produces Error Message

Description: If a report is failing with an Oracle error message, it may be due to incomplete custom field migrations. If your district has not run the custom fields migration, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Migrate the State Field Sets

  1. Navigate to: Start Page > System.

  2. Under Data Management, click Custom Field Data Migration.

  3. Follow the steps on this page to migrate the state fieldsets. 

  4. Run all validations and checks.

Step 2:  Confirm the Migration

  1. Go to Start Page > System.

  2. Under Data Management, click Custom Field Data Migration.

  3. View Migration History at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:  Restart ReportWorks

  1. Navigate to Start Page > System > System Settings > Reset Server. 

  2. Select Restart the OLAP Tomcat service (including ReportWorks). 

  3. Click Restart selected services now.

State Reports Remain Pending

Description: Reports remain in Pending status.

Workaround:  Navigate to System > System Settings > Reset Server. Select Restart the OLAP Tomcat service (includes ReportWorks)

State Reports are Blank

Districts have reported that state reports are blank, which might be a result of an issue with the nightly process. Until the issue is identified and addressed, running the Refresh Premier Attendance should help generate the data. If the reports are still blank after running the refresh, ensure your system setup is as follows :

District Level

  • Partial Daily attendance must be enabled

  • The Calendar membership Type codes must be: IN = In Session, PD = Professional Day, or PT = Parent/Teacher Conference

School Level

  • Attendance Code Categories must be Excused, Unexcused, Suspension, SDA, and OSSSIF.

  • The absent attendance code must be set to Excused or Unexcused.

  • For Attendance Preferences, check the Meeting box.

  • For Bell Schedules, the Day part must be designated as AM/PM.

See also the Start of Year checklist.

WAVE Validation Errors

Most Wave Validation errors occur for the following reasons. Ensure the elements are updated accurately to minimize validation errors: 

  • State Course Code is invalid (Courses, Alt_Course_Number)

  • Lunch Eligibility Determination is invalid

  • State Course Code was not provided

  • English Proficiency/Other code was not provided

  • The EconomicDisadvantage and FreeReduced indicators do not align.

  • The EconomicDisadvantage and LunchEligibilityDetermination indicators do not align.

  • The EconomicDisadvantage indicator was not provided.

  • ProjectedGraduationYear was not provided.

Oklahoma Block Schedule Reporting to Wave  

To identify a course as a block course, add "One Semester" or "1 Semester"  in the Course Description field. 

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