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SIF Agent Settings

Agent Settings/GroupValues
SIF RegistrationAgent ID: PowerSchool
SIF Messaging Mode: Pull
SIF Version: 2.0r1
SIF MessagingEnable Event Reporting: Checked
TransportsProtocol: HTTPS
Server Certificate: This will need to contain the certificate of the State’s ZIS.
LoggingLevel should be set to 6 and all boxes checked.
Plug-insThis should have the latest OK SMP.
State ZoneThe state zone should have the SMP enabled.
Other ZonesFor most other zones, the SMP should NOT be enabled. With the OK SIF Dashboard, if a zone other than the state zone has the SMP enabled, events will not be processed for that zone. If a zone is being used for testing OK Data by PowerSchool, then the SMP should be enabled, however, events will not be published to this zone.
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