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Understanding Attendance Calculation for the (FS) Student Standing Report - Hours (HB410)

Attendance is reported on the (FS) Student Standing Report - Hours (HB410) for the Student (S) reporting period. For Student (S) reporting, attendance data is reported for all records in the School Year attendance fields. The attendance is calculated, but can be overridden by using the following fields on the State/Province-OH page, FS tab.

  • [STUDENTS.S_OH_STU_FS_X]Hrs_Present
  • [STUDENTS.S_OH_STU_FS_X]Hrs_Excused
  • [STUDENTS.S_OH_STU_FS_X]Hrs_Unexcused

Troubleshooting Notes:

  • If there is no Time In / Time Out entered on the attendance page for partial absences, the calculations will consider it a full day absent.
  • Anything entered in the Override - Total Instructional Time Absent in Hours and Minutes on XX/XX/XXXX will override any calculation.
  • Absence codes must have either a Presence Status of Absent or have the checkbox  "Ohio State Information - Check this box if this code can be associated with a partial day of attendance for Ohio State Reporting" selected in order for absence time to calculate.
  • In cases where the calculations determine negative attendance (a zero percent of time student has absences), the record will report all zeroes for FS320, FS330 and FS340.  An error will be shown on the FS report.

The following table outlines calculated attendance.

Reporting Period

FS Element



Student (S)N/A

The calculation of attendance uses several pieces of data to first determine the total potential hours for an FS record. Once effective start and end dates are determined for a specific FS record, the calculation determines the number of school days in session. It then uses the student's attendance pattern to determine the length of school day and any days not in session based on calendar DN records for the attendance pattern. (Days shortened are also included in the calculation.) The calculation uses the attendance data to find excused absences and determines a total number of hours/minutes absent as excused and a total number of hours/minutes for unexcused absences. The total excused is reported in FS330 and is subtracted from the potential hours. The total unexcused is reported in FS340 and is subtracted from the potential hours. The remaining potential hours are reported in FS320 as present. 

For example:

An FS record spans from 9/1/XX to 9/30/xx. The student has a percent of time of 100%. The student's attendance pattern indicates the length of the school day is 6.50 hours. The calendar indicates there are 18 days in session for this period with 2 of the 18 days indicating days shortened by two hours due to weather. Potential hours for this record equal 18 multiplied by 6.50 minus 4 hours (those shortened due to weather) for a total of 113 potential hours. 

The student has 3 full days of excused absences during the FS time frame and the 3 days were all full days in session. The total excused absent hours are 3 multiplied by 6.50 equals 19.50. This 19.50 is reported in FS330. 

The student has 1 unexcused tardy for 45 minutes and 1 full day of unexcused absence (within the FS time frame). The 1 full day took place on a day that was shortened to 4 hours. The total unexcused hours are .75 (the 45 minute tardy) plus 6.50 (the full day) plus 4 (the day shortened) for a total unexcused absence of 11 hours. The 11 hours are reported in FS340.

The present hours for FS320 are determined by subtracting the excused and unexcused hours from the potential hours. The remainder reflects the hours present and is reported in FS320. For this example it would be 113 potential hours minus 30.50 (the sum of excused 19.5 and unexcused 11) for a total of 82.50 present.

If the student's percent of time is less than 100%, the calculations will multiply the potential hours by the percent of time. The calculations will also multiply full days of absence by the percent of time. The percent of time will not be considered for partial days absent.

For students attending College Credit Plus classes off-site, the time is considered present if the daily attendance has a Y in the Off_Site_CCP1_YN field.  This field is a pop-up box that allows the user to check the box to consider the time as off-site.

The attendance calculations for the (FS) Student Standing Report - Hours (HB410) do not rely on the ADA/ADM view. The attendance data comes from the attendance table and the S_OH_STU_Truancy_Hours_C.hoursabsent. 


Student (S)


The final value of calculated hours present.


Student (S)


The final value of calculated hours excused absent


Student (S)


The final value of calculated hours unexcused absent.


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