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Managing the CTE March Follow-Up Period D Reporting (GV)

The document outlines the process for managing CTE March Follow-Up reporting.

Obtain the file for import

Download the file for the CTE March Follow-Up provided by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in the Data Collector.

  1. Log into Data Collector
  2. Click on Reports tab
  3. Click Level 2 Reports link
  4. Select D under Data Set
  5. Click Show Reports
  6. Click on the (CTFL-001) CTE March Follow-Up Extract (All Students)
  7. Open the file with Excel
  8. Save the file in the .csv format

Use the CTE March Follow-Up Import to import the file into PowerSchool

  1. Navigate > District > Data Import System (under the Ohio State Information Header)
  2. Select CTE March Follow-Up Import.
  3. Select appropriate fiscal year – this is the fiscal year for the March D reporting.
  4. Browse to attach the (CTFL-001) CTE March Follow Up Extract that was saved previously.
  5. A message displays and a counter indicates the number of records being validated.
    1. Once the counter is finished, the validation page displays. Errors are sorted to the top. The SSID not found error displays if the student does not exist in the PowerSchool database. The student should be enrolled with the dates he/she attended.  The student should be inactive.  
  6. Once the student exists in PowerSchool, import the data from the CTE March follow-up file.
    1. A Clear button is provided in the event a new file is required.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit to import the file.
  8. When the import is complete a message appears indicating the import was successful.

Note: There is no import history for this page in version 1.0. It is planned for a future release. An Import ID is assigned to the records which allows for removal via Data Export/Import Manager, if required

Edit the CTE March Follow-Up Records

Student data for the CTE March Follow-Up Record can be edited in three ways.

Student CTE March Follow-Up Record (GV) Page

  1. Navigate to District > Student CTE March Follow-Up Record (GV) (Under the Ohio State Information Heading)

  2. Click on the link

  3. The Student CTE March Follow-Up Record (GV) page displays

  4. To edit records from this page, click on the SSID

  5. A page slides in from the right

  6. Edit values as appropriate

  7. Click Submit

GV tab on the State/Province – OH page

  1. From the start screen, search for the students with a GV record.

  2. Click View Field List.

  3. Filter on GV.

  4. Select S_OH_STU_GV_X.Fiscal_Year from the list.

  5. Add a / before the field name (all these students are inactive) and add =2019 to the search.

  6. Students with GV records for 2019 will appear in the search results.

  7. Select the first student and navigate to the State/Province – OH page.

  8. Select the GV tab (only students with a GV record will display a GV tab).

  9. Edit as appropriate.

Note: The GV tab displays all fields present in the file provided by ODE.  The fields that ODE does not want changed are not editable on this page.  They are provided as view only.  The left column displays the fields that can be edited.  The right column displays the fields that are not to be edited.

Navigate to the Data Export Manager

  1. Export the S_OH_STU_GV_X table.

  2. Edit in the resulting export file.

  3. Import via the Data Import Manager.

Note: Do NOT edit fields that ODE does not want changed. 

Creating the (GV) CTE March Follow-Up Record Report

  1. Run the (GV) March Follow-Up Record Report
    1. Navigate to System Reports > State > (GV) CTE March Follow-Up Record
    2. Choose a fiscal year – no other parameters are required. The report will include all students with a GV record for the fiscal year indicated regardless of status.  
      1.  If students are missing – check that they are not marked to Exclude from EMIS reporting.
    3. Submit
  2. Save the report and import it to the Data Collector.

Note: A bundle for running both the (GV) CTE March Follow-Up Record report and the (FA) Student Assessment Record report will be added in a future release.

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