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Graduation Pathways Summary View

The purpose of the Graduation Pathways Summary View is to allow school personnel to view multiple students' progress toward meeting one of three Ohio Graduation Pathways.

To use the Graduation Pathways Summary View:

  1. On the Start Page, select a group of students.
  2. Click Functions and, under Ohio State Functions, click Graduation Pathway Summary. The Grad Pathways Summary page appears. 
    : A key is provided to explain the icons for No Progress, Partially Met, and Requirements Met.
  3. Click the plus sign icon to open the Basic Filter. You can choose to filter by any field.
  4. Click the green plus sign to expand the window and see the three pathways. (To collapse the window, click the gray plus sign).
  5. Click the student's name link.  A window appears that displays the details of the individual student's graduation pathway progress. 


  • Click the triangle icon to open the Ohio State Tests, Ohio State Tests - Transfer, ACT/SAT Tests, Industry Credential and Workforce Readiness, Graduation Requirements Met - Other and Counselor Notes.
  • Click the student's name to collapse the window.
  • Click the arrow icon next to the student's name to load the student into a new window while still maintaining the Graduation Summary Page.
  • The bottom of the page displays the pagination and download information. To set the the number of rows per page, enter a value in the Rows/Page field. If you want to save your selection, click Set Current Selection.  If you want to download the information, click the arrow next to Download and choose a format.

Working with columns:

  • Click the column header to sort by that column. Note: Columns that are blank are shaded to highlight the fact that the column is blank.

Note: To show Industry Credentials in a more manageable format, only the top three industry areas where points have been earned are shown, along with a column for WorkKeys Assessments.

  • A green check mark in the Override column indicates the student has an entry for Graduation Requirements Met - Other.
  • A "Yes" in the Notes column indicates that there are Counselor Notes for the student.



  • The ACT Reading uses Fiscal Year Began 9th Grade from the State/Province - OH page FN tab to determine if a passing score is 21 or 22 based on when the student first entered 9th grade.
  • The Year of Graduation from the Scheduling Setup page is used to determine which rules to apply based on graduation year.


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