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CTE March Follow Up Import



This functionality will import the (CTFL_001) CTE March Follow Up Extract (All Students) file provided to districts by the Ohio Department of Education via the state reporting system. The data is imported into the S_OH_STU_GV_X table and is displayed on the Student CTE March Follow-Up Record (GV) page and on the State/Province - OH page GV tab.  After importing the file, users can complete edits to report the CTE March Follow-Up record.

Importing the Data File

Follow these instructions to import the CTE March Follow Up file.

  1. Click District > Data Import System > CTE March Follow Up Import.
  2. Enter the four digit fiscal year in relation to the March Follow Up reporting period.
  3. In the File to Import field, click the Browse button to select the name of the file to be imported. This file must be .csv extension. It must be unchanged from the original formatting and it must come from the Ohio state reporting system's Data Collector Level 2 Reports.
  4. The validation begins with  message "Please wait while your file is validated." A counter indicates the progress of the validation.
  5. The Review Your Data page appears.
    1. A table displays the fields into which the data will be imported. Users can scroll through the records in the table using the scroll bar and move between pages of data using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

           a. Fields used for matching
      1. The student's State Student ID (SSID) in the file must be a match to a student in the PowerSchool database.
    1. Potential validation errors
      1. If there is no matching SSID.
      2. If the record is a duplicate
  6. If satisfied that the data is in the correct fields, click IMPORT.
  7. A message is returned "The import was successful. The file has been loaded."

Note: Functionality to display import history and to remove an import from this page will be added in a future release.  In the interim, an import can be deleted via Data Export/Import Manager by filtering on the Import ID.



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