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Handling SPED Records in Special Programs During EOY process


The Nebraska Special Education records in Special Programs automatically roll over to the new school year. The rollover process does the following:

  • The current Nebraska Special Education record is ended with an exit date of the day after the last day of the term, with an EOY Rollover comment.

  • A new Nebraska Special Education record is created with an entry date of the first day of the next year’s term and a copy of the Nebraska-specific Special Education fields.

For the current year, end any open SPED record:

  1. Add Exit Date as of the day after the last day (years and terms)

  2. Add EOY Rollover in the comments field. If there's any existing comment present, append 'EOY Rollover' to it.

  3. For next year, create a continuing SPED record:

    • Create a new record that will have the first day (years and terms) with all NE-specific SPED fields copied over. Fields from table S_NE_SEN_SPED_X :

      1. SpEnrollmentsDCID

      2. AlternateAssessment

      3. IntialEntry

      4. Primary_Disability

      5. Primary_Placement_Type

      6. Program_Participation

      7. Related_Services

      8. School_HoursPerWeek

      9. SPED_HoursPerWeek

      10. SpEd_Inst_Setting

      11. Verified_Disability

  4. Rules for processing SPED records in EOY rollover process:

    1. Schools that are excluded from reporting shouldn't be processed

    2. Students that are excluded from reporting shouldn't be processed

    3. We should process active students only.

    4. Transferred out students shouldn't be processed.

    5. Only active SPED records should be processed

    6. Exited SPED records should not be rolled over

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