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Understanding the Report Output Table

The report output tables include the following elements. Each setup table may include some or all of the following elements. Reports will not display elements that are not pertinent to that report.

  • Element # or Position – Either the numerical order of the data element (first element is 1, second element is 2), or the position in the report. For example, if there is a string of data elements, such as 2009YNYN08091989, the particular element may start at position 5. In this example, position 5 is Y.
  • Data Element – The name of the data element.
  • Field Length – The length of the data element when extracted.
  • Description – Additional information about the data element, including state reporting rules.
  • [Table] – The name of the table where the data is stored.
  • Field Name – The name of the field where the data is stored.
  • Breadcrumbs – Navigation aid used to show the path to the data entry page as listed on the page in PowerSchool.
    • Example: Courses > Edit Course District Information.
    • Each ">" indicates a new page or link.
  • Navigation – Navigation to the data entry page based on the path to the page.
    • Example: Select Courses > Select [Course].
    • Each ">" indicates the link to select.
    • Note: The first page in the navigation is Start Page. This page name is removed for brevity.
  • Additional Information – Guidance for correct data entry.
  • Length – The length (in characters) of the data to be entered, as defined by the state.
  • Used in these Reports – The name of each report that uses the data element. This field may be populated with "Required Setup" or "Not Required" to indicate whether the data element should be configured for North Dakota state reporting not specific to a report.

Note: The table name appears in brackets with the Field Name directly following. Example: [Table]FieldName.




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