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School Setup



The following data elements are required for school setup.

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link. The school list appears.
  2. Choose a school from the pop-up menu. The school start page appears.
  3. Click School. The School Setup page appears.

Note: For information on code values, see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information



Used in these Data Collections

Defining Year and Terms

School Setup > Years and Terms

Note: Set up the school year, semesters (if applicable), and any scheduling terms for each school. Create the actual terms in which the school offers sections, not grade reporting terms. The terms must be created from largest to smallest (i.e. year, semester, trimester, quarter, etc.). If the school has only year-long classes, set up only the year. If the school offers year long and semester classes, only those terms need to be set up.

Name of School Year

Enter the school year name.





Enter the abbreviation of the school year. For the year term, use numbers. For example, enter 09-10 for the 2009-2010 school year.




First Day of School

Enter the start date of the school year using the format mm/dd/yyyy.




Last Day of School

Enter the end date of the school year using the format mm/dd/yyyy.




Min. PMR DaysEnter the minimum PMR days to override the default minimum of 16 PMR days.[S_NC_TRM_X]MIN_PMR_DAYS  
Max. PMR DaysEnter the maximum PMR days to override the default maximum of 26 PMR days.[S_NC_TRM_X]MAX_PMR_DAYS  

Setting up PMR Intervals

School Setup > PMR Interval Setup

Note: Interval instructional days are limited to a minimum of 16 PMR days and a maximum of 26 PMR days, unless the min and max PMR days are overridden using the Min. PMR Days and Max PMR Days fields on Years & Terms.


Enter the number of days for the PMR Month.

  • Start Date and End Date are calculated by referencing the PowerSchool Calendar setup and counting instructional days only.
  • Based on the number of days entered, the system populates the Start and End dates for the reporting month.
  • The system re-calculates and re-populates the Start and End Dates when:
    • The number of days in the reporting segment is changed.
    • The calendar is adjusted to exclude or include a new instructional day.
    • For track schools, identify for each track whether the track is Standard Day or Extended Day students. Each track has its own Duration setting. 




School Start/End Times Setup

School Setup > School Start/End Times Setup

 School Day Start TimeEnter the start time of the standard school day for the associated school year.[S_NC_SCH_StartEnd_C]Sch_Day_Start_Time8 
School Day End TimeEnter the start time of the standard school day for the associated school year.[S_NC_SCH_StartEnd_C ]Sch_Day_End_Time8 

Defining CRDC Information

School Setup > Civil Rights Data Collection

Note: The following CRDC setup elements are stored in PowerSchool and are available to assist the state when entering data into the CRDC website.

SCH-001. Grades Offered (Lowest to Highest)

Select either Yes or No if this school has ungraded students.




SCH-002. School Characteristics

Select either Yes or No for the following questions:

  • Does this school focus primarily on serving the needs of students with disabilities?
  • Is this school either a magnet school or a school operating a magnet program within the school?
  • Is this school a charter school?
  • Is this school an alternative school?
  • Are any students in this school ability grouped for classroom instruction in mathematics or English/reading/language arts?








SCH-003. Does the entire school population participate in the magnet school program?

Select either Yes or No if the entire school population participates in the magnet school program.




SCH-004. This alternative school is designed to meet the needs of the following (check all that apply)

Check one or more that applies for this school:

  • Students with Academic Difficulties
  • Students with Discipline Problems
  • Other (Provide a comment in the Comment section to describe)







SCH-007. Gifted/Talented Programs

Does this school have students enrolled in gifted/talented programs?




SCH-0016. Different Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and Selection

Click Yes or No if students are allowed to self-select to participate in AP courses.





SCH-0024, School Form Level Comments (Part 1)

Enter additional school form level comments for Part 1, if applicable.




SCH-0046. School Form Level Comments (Part 2)

Enter school form level comments for Part 2, if applicable.




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