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PowerSchool CRDC Preview Reports

Data for the CRDC in PowerSchool is specific to LEA, school and student information only and is not the complete OCR file submission.  

LEA Level

The CRDC-Parts 1 and 2 must run at the LEA level to capture changes made to the system prior to the Submission End Date.  The data from the LEA level reports are submitted into the Federal CRDC Submission portal for verification.  The PowerSchool CRDC Preview reports Parts 1 and 2 can be approved once the data is verified by the OCR Coordinator or designee.  Approval is required to ensure the collection will be archived at the LEA level.


CRDC reports may require hours of run-time based on the size of the LEA.  Large and Medium LEAs should execute the reports in the morning, after 5 a.m.  

Important:  PowerSchool CRDC Preview reports do not have Errors or Warnings.  Data must be reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Note:   The data submitted to the OCR is aggregate.  No student level information will be provided to the Federal Government.

School Level Preview Reports Provide Student Details

The school level CRDC reports come with additional Data Views that allow staff to view detail information on students and courses that are being reported:

CRDC Part 1

  • CRDC Student Detail by School – Part 1 

This view displays every student reporting on the CRDC based on the October 1 enrollment date and indicates the elements/categories the student will report against.

  • CRDC Class Detail by School – Part 1

This view displays courses, including course name, number, and section.

CRDC Part 2

  • CRDC Student Detail by School – Part 2 

This view displays every student reporting on the CRDC and indicates the elements/categories the student will report against.

Using Federal Documentation to Review PowerSchool Preview Reports

When working with CRDC PowerSchool Reports, the user must have the Federal OCR documentation available for review.  

Federal OCR documentation is first grouped by LEA and then by school level.  School level documentation may be downloaded based on school type.   

Use the Table of Contents and detailed sections of the Federal OCR documents to understand definitions and instructions for reporting data and to review your PowerSchool CRDC data.

When a selection is made from the Data View drop-down for PowerSchool CRDC Preview Report Part 1 or 2, the data displayed is formatted much like an Excel spreadsheet.  Each row is a single record and groups of data are based on the Category.


Filters for the CRDC Data Views are based on the Results Category.  If the Data View selected is based on school level data, the first column in the Results table is School and will also be available in the Filter options.

  1. Click the Filter icon beside the Category. The Filter section expands and filter options appear based on the CRDC Data View selected.
  2. Make the appropriate selection from the drop-down. The number in parenthesis follows the table of contents in the Federal OCR documentation.
  3. Click Add Filter. The Results table updates based on the filtered options selected.


Exporting CRDC data may be beneficial in some situations.  Data exported outside of PowerSchool should be protected in accordance to FERPA and HIPPA guidelines.








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