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Entry Codes

The following entry codes must be set up at the district level and assigned at the student level.

If a student drops out of school, but returns at a later date, then the school should send a Reentry Code that matches the Dropout Code - not an entry/exit (withdrawal) code. For example, if a student drops out for D08 (Peer pressure) in October and returns in January, then their Reentry code is R08. In summary, send an Entry code to MSIS (E1, E6, R1, etc.) for a student who returns to the school, changes grade levels within the school, moves to another school in the district, or for the first regular enrollment of the year, etc. Send a Reentry code to MSIS (R01, R20, etc.) for a student who drops out, but returns to school.





First regular enrollment this year


Transfer from another grade in this school


Transfer from another school in this district


Transfer from another public school in Mississippi


Transfer from a nonpublic school in Mississippi


Transfer from another state or country


Transfer from an approved community-based GED program


Transfer from home school

R01Physical illness or physical disability

Drug and /or alcohol problem


Emotional disturbance

R04Behavioral difficulty exclusive of suspension/expulsion
R05 Suspended/Expelled
R06 Restrained by court action
R07 Would/could not keep up with work
R08 Peer pressure
R09 Felt I did not belong
R10 Dislike of School Experience


 > compulsory attendance age
R12 Entered a GED or an institutional program
R13 Lack of parental support/interest
R14 Must care for family member
R15 Economic reasons
R16 Married
R17 Pregnant
R18 Whereabouts unknown
R19 Reason Unknown
R20 Other (written document required)


Re-entries of withdrawals

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