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MCCC XML Extract - Report

MCCC data is submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education using the MCCC XML Extract process. The process will create file that is submitted in a similar fashion to the other SERVS files. Prior to creating the file, be sure to verify that all of the data is accurate by using the MCCC Course Listing report.

To create the XML file, click Reports and select the State tab. Scroll down to the Minnesota SERVS section and select the MCCC - XML Extract link. Enter the school numbers for all of schools (separated by commas) to be included in the extract. Be sure to use the proper 3-digit state code for each of the schools. Click Submit to begin the process. Once the process completes, click the View link in the Report Queue to save the file to the local computer. From this point, be sure to follow the submission instructions that will be provided by the Minnesota Department of Education.

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