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MCCC Course Listing - Report

The Minnesota Common Course Catalogue Listing is a report that will identify all of the unique courses that have recorded grades for the current year. In other words, it is a listing of unique historical grades courses. This is the potential set of courses that are required for the MCCC XML extract. Use this list to audit the progress for defining the various MCCC fields for each course. Sort columns by clicking on the heading to help locate courses that might be missing data. All data elements (other than those referring to college data - College Code, College Course Code, and College Course Credit) should contain a value.

In the event that a course is reported in the MCCC Course Listing that should not be reported in the XML extract (i.e. Study Hall), courses can be excluded selecting the record and clicking the Exclude from MCCC check box. Selecting the check box will make the course appear in the MCCC Course Listing with the strike through font. Although these courses still appear on the MCCC Course Listing, they will not be included in the XML extract.

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