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MCCC Course Levels

To set  up Course Levels in in PowerSchool, navigate to District > SERVS Setup > MCCC Codes - Course Levels. Click the New button to create a new course level.  Enter the appropriate Code, Description, Expiration Date and Sort Order. To edit a given Grade Level entry, simply click on the Code Id field to make any corrections. 

Data Element

Additional Information

[GEN]CAT = mn_mccc_crslvl

Used in These Reports


Enter the Code for Course Level.

Current valid Options are:

  • Basic or Remedial (B)
  • General or regular (G)
  • Enriched, honors or advanced (E)
  • Dual/concurrent enrollment (D)
  • Articulation agreement (A)
  • Industry/occupational certification (C)
  • Early Education (P)
  • No Credit (N)
  • Not applicable (X)


MCCC extracts & SERVS


Enter the description of the course level.


MCCC extracts & SERVS

Expiration DateEnter an expatriation date to prevent the code from showing on the drop down in Courses[GEN]Date_ValueMCCC extracts & SERVS
Sort OrderEnter the sort order number. This is used to order the codes on the drop down list.[GEN]SortOrderMCCC extracts & SERVS
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