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Ed-Fi Reference


Ed-Fi Reference provides a high-level description of the Integrated Data Exchange with Ed-Fi. 

Ed-Fi is an open data standard built to integrate data from student information systems and other sources, developed and maintained by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and is freely licensed to educational entities. It provides the tools to integrate student and other data from a variety of sources while keeping data safely in its designated domain and aligns with the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)

The PowerSchool Integrated Data Exchange with Ed-Fi enables schools and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to easily exchange PowerSchool data with the state-sponsored Ed-Fi data store and dashboards. It allows schools and LEAs to publish data easily and automatically from PowerSchool up to the state Ed-Fi Portal and to download (import) state and vendor-provided data into PowerSchool from the Operational Data Store (ODS). 

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