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StudentSectionEnrollment records are published for each section enrollment for a student within the school year for which the agent is configured. The StoredGrades table is used to determine if a final grade has been stored and the SCS08 value of 03 (Completed) should be published.

When retrieving grades from the StoredGrades table, the agent first finds the term related to the Section that the student is enrolled in and then will use the final store code associated to the term ([S_MA_TRM_X] Store_Code) to find the final grade expected for that section. If a final store code is not found, then Y1 is used as a default.

Required Fields

  • [CC] MA_Exclude_From_SCS – Enrollments must be marked to be included.

Depends Upon

  • StudentPersonal
  • SchoolCourseInfo
  • SectionInfo 


Events for StudentSectionEnrollment are published based on the fields above having data. For more information, see SIF Events in the Publishing Data.

Element Mappings for StudentSectionEnrollment

PS Field Mapping

SIF Element/Attribute


MA Field

Business Rules





















[CC] DateEnrolled
First Insession day of the term




By Default, the Entry Date into the class is published. However, if this date is before the first in session day of school, then the SIF Agent will send the first day of school.

[CC] DateLeft




This is the Last In Session day before the Exit Date. If the Exit Date is 10/1 and 9/30 was an In Session day, then 9/30 will be published.

Based Upon:
[S_MA_CC_SCS_X] OverrideCourseEnrollStatus
[S_MA_SEC_X] Ungraded
[S_MA_SEC_X] MarkNotRequired
[S_MA_CRS_X] Ungraded
[S_MA_CRS_X] MarkNotRequired




First, the agent checks to see if there is a Stored Grade for this enrollment. If so, then it will be evaluated if this should be a 02, 03, or 04. If not, the agent will then check to see if the course has been dropped and if so, an 02 is sent. If not, the agent will then check to see if the course is ungraded or mark is not required and sends 03 accordingly. If none of the above, 01 is sent.

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